Black VA Democrats Deny Republican Entry into Black Caucus

You ain't black!

Democrats are the most racist people in America. And of that group, black Democrats are by far the most racist Democrats.

Everybody in America knows this, but few will say it.

Black Democrats hate white people for no reason. They openly declare their hatred, as well as their ethnocentric racism in support of all things black.

If a police officer shoots a black criminal, those silly Negroes on the Left will side with the criminal, sight unseen. Forget the facts, because the facts don’t matter. And these Leftist black a-holes will claim that support of blacks no matter what is “for the greater good”.

Sure. If the greater good includes high-crime neighborhoods, outrageous black incarcerations, and decimation of the black community.

And when other blacks offer differing opinions on how to help Americans who are black, Leftist blacks lose their minds. In a prime example of this, AC Cordoza tried to join the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus. However, the group voted to deny his request.

Afterwards, Cordoza gave a speech on the House floor in which he criticized the Black Caucus as more about being leftist than about being black.

In his speech, Cordoza revealed that he had applied to join the VLBC. However, the group denied him entry.

Cordoza said that their denial was based on his answers to a questionnaire. The topics included question such as his top three environmental justice priorities. Also, whether he favored charter schools,  and if he would favor overhauling the process for recalling public officials to “end harassment”. The questionnaire asked if he would work to repeal sovereign immunity for police officers.

What a statement of priorities for black Leftists. But it got worse.

According to Cordoza, other questions were things like if he supported collective bargaining, standing up for abortion rights, mask mandates and gun control.

“These questions … spit in the face of our ancestors who fought to have all of our rights guaranteed,” Cordoza said. “I asked myself what any of those things mentioned have to do with being Black. The answer is it has nothing to do with being Black. … The caucus is not about being Black, it’s about being leftist.”

The Black Caucus has 21 members — 17 in the House and four in the Senate. All are Democrats.

In recent history the Black Caucus allowed two Republican members. The most recent member selected was Winsome Earle-Sears, Virginia’s recently elected Lt. Governor.

Earle-Sears told the Post, “I really wasn’t wanted when I joined. And 20 years later, nothing has changed.”

Earle-Sears recognized the hypocrisy of this group with this tweet:

Frankly, I despise these types of caucuses. Black issues are American issues.

Now if black Leftists want to sidebar to really solve problems, I’m all for it. But ask yourself if black Leftists have solved ANY problem in the black community in 5 decades? Or have things gotten worse?

Looking purely at results, America should outlaw Black Caucuses. Because they only make things worse in the black community.


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