Midterm Scramble: DESPERATE Dems DEFY Biden

Covid Backpedaling in Progress

I love working for such a brilliant man, because he’s always a step ahead of what’s going on. Months ago, Kevin Jackson told me “soon Democrats will backpedal as fast as they can. Because the WuFlu truth threatens to dominate midterms.”

At the time, Democrats didn’t seem to worried. Then, 2022 officially arrived. Along with the countdown to election day.

It’s a scary time for leftists. As we know, their leader is braindead moron. And it’s practically impossible to hide at this point.

In January I wrote:

Now, Democrats are so far left, they’re trying to backtrack before they fall off the cliff. Obviously, leftists have milked the WuFlu for all that it’s worth. Just look at those $15 packages of useless masks Walmart carried months ago. They’ve been clearanced for a dollar and they’re still sitting on the shelves.

Courts are siding with the public. Mask mandates are ridiculous. If someone wants to wear one- go for it. And if they don’t- then don’t. That’s the beauty of freedom. A beauty leftism forgot about.

Instead, we’re forcing worthless rules on our children, and expecting them to follow guidelines that make no sense at all.

A nine year old elementary school student at the University Laboratory School (ULS), which is located on Louisiana State University’s (LSU) campus in Baton Rouge, was actually suspended from school for not wearing a mask. However, the school doesn’t require children under the age of 5 to wear them.

Does it make sense that a five year old can’t spread the virus, but a nine year old can? Or that the virus can travel five feet and ten inches, but not six feet? Come on now! Surely we all have more sense than that.

Now, it seems the mainstream media is catching on, and the liberal scramble is finally making headlines.

As Fox News writes:

Democrats across the country are scrambling to reverse course on COVID-19 restrictions as this year’s midterm elections loom.

With the notable exception of the White House, Democrats at every level are signaling their support for returning to normal as polls show Americans are weary of coronavirus restrictions, which Republican states have largely done away with.

According to a recent poll by Monmouth University, 70% of Americans say it’s time for the country to move on from the pandemic, and a decreasing number of Americans support COVID-related mandates. President Biden’s approval ratings on handling COVID, once a strength, are also now underwater, with 43% approving and 53% disapproving, according to the poll.

Meanwhile, Biden is clinging to Fauci the fraud and his ridiculous recommendations.

Turns out, the closer we get to the election, the more Democrats try to distance themselves from lockdowns and mask mandates. But their esteemed leader isn’t quite ready to turn around and run. So, Dems are left with no choice. They must defy the doofus.

Fox continues:

Numerous blue state governors this week have announced that they are rolling back coronavirus restrictions, and prominent congressional Democrats have also signaled their support for returning to normal.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced that her state will end its COVID-19 mandate requiring face coverings in most indoor public settings but will keep it for schools. Illinois announced the same.

Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee said Wednesday his state will end its indoor vaccine-or-mask requirement this week, followed by the school mask mandate in March. Massachusetts, which is generally considered a blue state but has a centrist Republican governor, will end its school mask mandate at the end of the month.

Earlier this week, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware all disclosed plans to join states that have lifted or never had mask requirements for their schools.

Insiders say Biden is furious over these rollbacks. That is, when he can remember what’s happening around him.

Batter Up!

It not surprising to learn that swing states like Michigan, Colorado and Pennsylvania were first up when it came to loosening the absurd WuFlu restrictions.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who is up for reelection this year, implemented some of the strictest COVID-19 orders in the country in 2020, including banning travel between two residences and the selling of non-essential goods. She lifted most of her restrictions last summer and has since pushed vaccinations as the best way to slow the spread.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, who is also up for reelection, has taken a similar approach and refused to implement any new mandates.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, who is unable to run again this year, leaving his seat up for grabs, said in December, “Local municipalities, as you know, I think ought to be free to do with what they want,” echoing what many Republicans like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have been vilified for saying for the past two years.

Less than a year ago, Biden said the lifting of mask mandates in Republican-led states amounted to “Neanderthal thinking.”

Now, it seems conservative thinking is finally being embraced. Leftists are trying to “move on,” just as more truths about the WuFlu emerge.

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire

It’s too bad these lying scoundrels don’t burst into flames every time they deliberately destroy the truth. As Kevin Jackson just reported, it turns out the doctor who discovered Omicron was asked to LIE!

Jackson reports:

In an interview in Germany’s Welt, the doctor who discovered the Omicron Covid-19 strain, Angelique Coetzee, revealed that she was pressured by European governments to keep the public running scared. They asked her not to reveal the mild nature of Omicron.

I recall reading how Coetzee described Omicron, and I declared on my radio show that Omicron was little more than a variant of the common cold. Coetzee described Omicron as a “mild illness”.

When asked if she was pressured about Omicron, Coetzee replied (translated from German):

“I was told not to state publicly that it was a mild illness. I have been asked to refrain from making such statements and to say that it is a serious illness. I declined.”

Click here to read more about the pressure applied to Coetzee. Luckily, the good doctor refused to play the game. Yet, leftists worldwide still worked to create panic and fear in the streets. They pushed for masks, mandates, lockdowns and quarantines. All the while pretending certain death was imminent for the masses.

It just occurred to me that we may one day find ourselves in the midst of an ancient fable. The boy who cried wolf. Leftists have tried so many times to shut the world down over a ruse that we’re becoming numb to the warnings. Thus, the real danger lies in the virus that’s yet to arrive. Someday, we’ll be faced with a true pandemic. Yet, few will heed the warnings, as the left cries wolf every other week.

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