Rachel Maddow on Hiatus from MSNBC

Big Whoop

What will MSNBC do now that their flagship show host is taking a break?

Americans know that “dude” Rachel Maddow. Mostly from her attacks on Donald Trump and her “Al Capone’s Vault” episode where he was publicly sodomized by the Trumpster. He preempted her show by revealing his taxes, and what a shock. Trump paid over $28 million for the year Maddow accused him of paying nothing. Worse yet, he did so by choice, because he could have used a credit that would’ve reduced his tax liability to zero.

Things never got better for Maddow. She topped out on ratings. And I suggest that Maddow sees the writing on the wall: get out while she can.

Business Insider reported Monday that Maddow plans to take a hiatus in order to focus on other projects. She got a $30 million contract, but wants to focus on podcasting and producing a movie?

Perhaps. She’s certainly stashed some cash, given how much they overpaid for her.

But she’s not gone forever. Just long enough to show MSNBC how much they need her. According to The New York Post, “Her absence is expected to last a few weeks, after which she will return to host her nightly hour-long talk show.”

And in order to make Maddow seem bigger than life, The New York Times reports that Maddow “is expected to make occasional return appearances on MSNBC throughout her hiatus. She will cover Biden’s State of the Union speech in March, for example. Because how will the handful of viewers survive without Maddow’s insightful repartee on Biden.

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As for her slot, MSNBC said that “a rotation of fill-in anchors will handle the network’s 9:00 p.m. slot” until she returns.

Last year, the Rachel Maddow Show host signed a multi-year contract to stay at MSNBC. According to the terms of her deal, she reduced her workload over the next few years. She may even potentially transition her show, which currently airs every weeknight, into a weekly program.

Again, I’m not buying it. I haven’t tracked Maddow’s numbers, but I suspect they are no better than most of the shows on MSNBC. Further, Biden won’t help her or any other Leftist causes. The man is a train wreck, and Maddow knows she can’t cover for the clown.

Clearly, 2022 will be a great year for Conservatives. And news like this in only the beginning.

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