Biden Admits Defeat: Returns to Trump Policies

There's only one way out of this.

Joe Biden only has on course of action to save face: return to Trump’s policies.

From the moment Biden entered office after The Big Cheat (yes, it happened), he started America on a downward trajectory. His first major screw-up came at America’s southern border. Biden allowed tens of thousands of illegals to cross into America, after rejecting all the Trump-era safeguards.

While some believe the overrun of Americans by illegal Mexicans is a strategy of the Left, others believe that Biden’s incompetence hastened their evil plan.

America’s southern border continues to be a problem. However, don’t be surprised if Biden decides to return to Trump-era fixes. He certainly has with oil.

Recall Biden’s comments during the election, where he declared war on fossil fuels.

“No more fossil fuel subsidies, no more drilling on federal land.” Those were Biden’s words during the fraudulent election cycle.

And Biden kept his word. That is, until he reneged on his word. And as with most idiotic ideas proposed by Biden and other Leftists, he was forced to change his mind.

According to Hot Air,

The Biden administration is finally moving forward with re-starting the leasing of federal land for oil and gas drilling. The Interior Department made the announcement after a federal appeals court ruled in favor of the administration last week.

The “social cost of carbon” value is factored in measuring the cost of climate change in the drilling process. The court ruled that the administration can use a higher calculation value of per ton of greenhouse gases emitted in the federal decision–making process.

So, when it comes to saving face, Leftists are willing move the goal posts.

On what other policies might Biden make an about face?

Renewable energy comes to mind. In a throwback to the Obama Administration, Biden passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that includes billions of dollars for “green energy.”

As one website put it:

Renewable energy advocates celebrated Congress’ passing of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, which includes billions of dollars for renewable energy projects and research.

President Joe Biden called the funding package a “once-in-a-generation” investment solar, wind, energy storage, and electric vehicle technologies that will create millions of jobs.

But Biden is definitely over-selling it. First of all, Obama made nearly the same “investment” in green energy. And it was a complete fraud.

Obama Wasted $150 Billion For This ONE PERCENT Gain

Going green became the catchphrase for government larceny under Obama.

The man put PT Barnum to shame, as he billed himself as a friend to the environment. Thus, Obama preached about renewable energy and sustainable sources. As the saying goes, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” so Obama suckered many Americans. In fact, Obama spent nearly $40 billion a year on green energy projects. This is an amazing figure, particularly considering all America got for the money.


The Solar Letdown:

For decades, green energy supporters touted solar energy as the answer. However, the solar energy industry cannot support itself without massive government subsidies. The average homeowner would need a $30,000 system just to save $2,000 a year. And who really knows what the savings are, given the Obama administration’s “fake data.”

Regardless, even using their numbers it would take 15 years just to recover one’s initial investment. Since the average homeowner stays in their house less than 13 years, a buyer never recovers his or her investment.

As we’ve learned with Leftists, their policies aren’t about saving taxpayers money or doing something amazing for the cause.

The Institute for Energy Research reported:

President Obama subsidized solar and other renewable energy in the United States with taxpayer money to the tune of $39 billion per year on average for the past 5 years. These massive subsidies, however, have done little to increase the contribution of solar power to the electricity generation mix as solar is expected to produce just 0.6 percent of electricity generation this year.

Disregarding the cost to the American taxpayer and the failed solar projects in the United States, President Obama has pledged billions of dollars to fund solar energy development in India. On his trip to India, President Obama was hoping to bring back a deal similar to the one he made in China to peak the country’s carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi rejected the President’s proposed global warming deal, realizing his priority should be to bring power to the hundreds of millions of Indians that lack access to electricity.

To the point: India rightly rejected part-time energy for full-time energy, as they kicked Obama’s green energy slush fund to the curb.

Not even the allure of money from air could make the Indian prime minister sell out his people.

The Numbers Did the Talking

With statistics like these, it’s no wonder that most of the green energy companies funded by Obama went belly-up. Green energy could easily have been called ObamaFuel, reminiscent of the healthcare scheme that failed just as badly. How many of those ObamaCare co-ops were total flops?

Nearly 40 companies that took big government pay-outs are bankrupt or headed for bankruptcy.

Fox Nation compiled a list of the failing energy companies along with the amount of government funds at their disposal. Most of these companies had millions thrown at them:

    • Evergreen Solar ($25 million),
    • Schneider Electric ($86 million)
    • Johnson Controls ($299 Million)

Other companies actually received billions of taxpayer funds.

    • First Solar (1.46 billion)
    • Sun Power (1.2 billion)
    • And many others.

Hitting the Road

We are still totaling up the damage from Obama’s green energy debacle. He managed to repeatedly misappropriate funds for his green energy wet dream, and taxpayers lost billions. Along with what we’ve already discussed, Obama buried climate change in almost all his legislation. He attempted to make climate change expenditures difficult to track and even more difficult to remove.

Now, Biden’s headed down that same road, and he’s adding electric cars to the mix.

[Biden’s] bill includes $7.5 billion to build the first-ever national network of electric vehicle chargers in the United States. The White House wants to deploy EV chargers along highway corridors and within communities, with a particular focus on “rural, disadvantaged, and hard-to-reach” communities.

The bill also includes $2.5 billion to purchase zero-emission school buses.

The legislation expands the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s existing program for research and development of EV battery recycling and second-life applications by $200 million for each FY 22-26.

However, charging stations aren’t the only issue with electric cars.

This past summer, the grid in California exposed the real weakness behind electric cars.

As Kevin Jackson wrote:

Sadly, as we’ve learned with multiple energy blackouts, the “green” grid doesn’t always work. And even if the “green” grid worked most of the time, the “dirty” grid must remain active no matter what. Just in case the sun is not shining, the wind is not blowing, the water not flowing, and so on.

Understand that all these “clean” vehicles have been mandated by Californicators’ legislators. Where did these butt-wipes believe these cars would be charged? By the hot air blown up the tailpipes of the electorate by politicians?

Apparently, political hot air wasn’t enough. The golden state was forced to beg electric car owners not to charge their vehicles in order to avoid over-loading the circuit. Now watch what happens. The more Congress pushes these cars on motorists, the worse these grids will hold up. Some will completely collapse.

Too bad Biden’s not a smart man. Thus, he will continue to chase green energy as part of his lip-service to leftists. Soon, we will find ourselves stranded on the side of the road.



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