State Dept Warns: Leave Ukraine NOW

Didn't we learn our lesson in Afghanistan?

Joe Biden can’t even change his own Depends, much less protect Americans around the world.

So the State Department updated its travel advisory to Russia. The agency directed U.S. citizens in the country to leave “immediately”.

The American passport used to be the best passport one could possess. That passport offered the protection no other passport did. I often relate a story of a time when I was in Egypt speaking with natives.

Frequently we would be in the midst of conversations, and they would look out at the street and say, “Abt”. At the time I didn’t understand it or know how to spell it. But I did notice when they said the word, it seemed to be when a dark-skin (sub-Saharan) African walked by. After a while, I asked what they were saying.

They didn’t answer at first. But I persisted. They said, “Kevin, it doesn’t apply to you,” in an attempt to get me to drop it. I didn’t and finally, they admitted that the term was derogatory towards sub-Saharan Africans. Abt translates literally to “slave” in Arabic. However, they explained that it has a more demeaning subtext.

I asked why I was eliminated from being an abt, given that most of my heritage is sub-Saharan African.

One of the guys smiled at me and replied, “The difference between you and them? Your passport!”

My U.S. passport gave me power. And I felt this in more countries than just Egypt.

They discussed their respect for Americans, and particularly black Americans. I doubt they would feel that way today, however.

As for Ukraine, the exodus is occurring due to the possibility of what the media is calling “unprovoked and unjustified attack” from Russian armed forces.

People are living in the middle of a war zone. Braced for famine or worse, death. And leftists made sure Donald Trump wasn’t allowed to fix it.

Still, we can’t give Putin the thousands of bargaining chips, like those left behind for the Taliban. Biden has quietly been paying ransoms to get some Americans out of that Third-World sh*thole. But what Putin would want might be far worse.

The Washington Examiner reported, on the revised advisory:

In the revised travel advisory on Saturday morning, the State Department said that due to the possibility of attacks and harassment on U.S. citizens, limited availability to help those who stayed behind, and complications from COVID-19 travel protocols, it was advising people to leave the country. Traveling to the country, which currently is a “Level 4: Do Not Travel” threat, was also not advised.

If Biden’s handling of Afghanistan taught us anything, it’s that you don’t want to have Joe Biden in charge of getting you out of a country. He offers no protection, except to tell you, “You’re on your own.”

C’mon man.


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