Trump is Captain America

And Biden is a Putin Puppet

To see the Democrats destroy themselves, all you really need to do is sit back and watch. Here’s the obvious.

Biden is imploding. In my political analysis of Biden, I always look at things as if he means well and is cogent. As it relates to Russia, I’m looking for a way out for the man.

However, this is difficult to do with Biden. Because to get inside his brain, you need to take hallucinogenic drugs for starters. Entering Biden’s brain is dangerous.

Don’t worry about me, however.. I’m experienced at looking inside the brains of fools, because I analyze Democrats and other Leftists for a living. Still, don’t YOU try this at home!

As for sitting back and watching Biden and the Democrats destroy themselves, one would be prudent to do so. But our strategy isn’t just to let Democrats sink themselves. Our job is yell, “I told you so!” as their ship sinks.

Which brings me to Conservatism.

There are things about Conservatives that irk me. For example, we are too forgiving. And a bit too quick to forgive and forget. I’m no longer this way when it comes to Leftists. And I came to this conclusion prior to the lies of Russian collusion, the impeachment of Trump, or the Wuflu ruse. Those issues only solidified what I had already concluded. I will never trust Democrats. So I fight. But most conservatives don’t.

My next beef with Conservatives is why are we so easily swayed? I get mail about once every few months of somebody telling me that they disagreed with me about something and no longer support me. The irony at times is they supported me for years. However, they find out that I’m not a vegan or some other nonsense, and must leave me behind. No two people are a 100% match in regard to issues or ideas.

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As if I should be heartbroken?!

I can’t track these turncoat wimps. But my bet is those who abandon me are the most two-faced jerks on the planet, besides the American Leftist.

Why are Conservatives so sanctimonious?

While Leftists pretend to be inviting, ingratiating, and all about inclusion, we know otherwise. But far too many people who consider themselves Conservatives act just like them.

Let’s use Trump as an example.

Americans were begging for a “Trump”. And when they got one, they complained about style. For substance and results. These #NeverTrump idiots side with Leftists. Why? For the greater good.

The only reason Leftists can defeat us at anything is those blood-sucking parasites STICK TOGETHER.

Remember the scene from Gladiator where they are fighting in Rome and Maximus says, the only way we survive is if we STICK TOGETHER?

Conservatives are natural leaders, but CRAPPY FOLLOWERS! Even when the leader is AMAZING! Speaking for myself, I won’t follow a fool. But I will one-hundred percent follow a great leader.

And make no mistake about it, Trump is a leader. And you don’t need a pictures of his recent rallies to prove it. But take a look at this Conroe, Texas crowd. This isn’t even a complete view of the crowd.

Texas conservatives sing Donald Trump's praises at rally

Trump messaged by email recently:

Big night in Texas! All 33 candidates that were Trump endorsed have either won their primary election or are substantially leading in the case of a runoff. Governor Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick have won in a landslide. Thank you, and congratulations to all!

Trump remains as relevant today as ever. He is the most relevant former president in history. That’s because he’s still president. Moreover, his “placeholder” proves daily why elections matter. Also why sanity matters.



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