51 Obama-Era DOJ Traitors

They vouched for Hunter's laptop

Democrats and other Leftists quickly dismiss things when caught lying. And I can cite plenty of examples.

Take Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) for example. On many occasions Schiff assured the American public that he had overwhelming evidence of Russian collusion with Trump. Definitive proof, Schiff promised over and over, publicly.

However, that proof has never been presented. And it never will be presented. Because that proof doesn’t exist.

But what can easily be proved is that Hunter Biden had a relationship with the Russians. And the Ukrainians. And the Chinese, and who knows who else. It one of the many reason Joe Biden’s numbers fall a little more each month.

What’s pathetic about this is that the cover-up that occurred to protect the Bidens. Which brings me to the 51 former intelligence operatives mentioned so often by Leftists.

“House Judiciary Committee Republicans are demanding that 51 former intelligence operatives divulge information about their 2020 statement that documents from Hunter Biden’s laptop could be Russian disinformation — with a senior GOP aide telling The Post that the ex-spies should expect subpoenas next year if they fail to comply,” The New York Post reports.

That set off an all-out effort by Democrats and the media to defend Biden’s lead in the polls by alleging the laptop was fake, with the supposed “experts” signing a public statement asserting the laptop’s contents had been fabricated by Russian agents.

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After Biden won, The Washington Post finally admitted the laptop was real.

Should Republicans win a majority in the U.S. House in November’s election, they plan to investigate whether it was a scheme to illicitly influence the election through coordinated disinformation. Of course, we already know the answer. The investigation is just a means to put the information out there in bold face type.

“At worse—and more likely—the public statement was a deliberate and coordinated effort to mislead the American people about information relevant to the 2020 presidential election by invoking your national security experience to falsely suggest that the allegations about Hunter Biden were not based in fact,” the letter to the 51 operatives from Judiciary Committee Republicans reads.

A senior Republican aide tells The Post “these intelligence officials have a choice: either cooperate now, or face the consequences when Republicans take the majority next year.”

“If they have nothing to hide, it shouldn’t be hard for them to work with the committee,” the source tells the Post.

It doesn’t get much more straight forward that than. But you can bet Democrats will evade the truth for as long as they possible can.

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