Biden Records Make No Cents

The president claims he's brokered economic success!

Braindead Biden actually had the nerve to claim “economic victory,” stating that we’ve reached record numbers of jobs and record high wages.

I’m gonna have to be blunt here- Who gives a rat’s ass? Those numbers mean absolutely NOTHING in today’s world of Bidenflation.

In fact, it’s pretty sad that inflation was renamed to reflect the cause of it, and still the president doesn’t get it. He’s to blame for all our woes and sorrows. And I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Fox News elaborates:

Axios reporter Hans Nichols said Sunday on CNN’s “Inside Politics” that President Biden’s economic accomplishments were “largely irrelevant” with inflation at a 40-year-high and increased gas prices occurring nationwide.

Nichols, Politico White House correspondent Laura Barrón-López and CNN White House correspondent Kaitlin Collins joined host Abby Philips to discuss Biden’s economy. The president touted his accomplishments during a speech, Friday, about the most recent jobs report, which saw that the economy created 431,000 jobs in March. Philips also noted an NBC poll that found enthusiasm for Republicans heading into the midterms was at 67%, compared to 50% for Democrats.

“Record job creation. Record unemployment declines. Record wage gains,” Biden said. But Philips noted that “there are still signs that the American public doesn’t think things are trending in the right direction.”

Imagine that. Americans are disgruntled.

A few weeks ago, I wrote:

Biden said he wanted to “Build Back Better,” but so far, all he’s done is take away every shred of #Winning Trump gave to us. But worse than strip us of any successes we gained, the Biden Administration is DESTROYING our ability to survive day to day.

Citizens across the country are feeling the pinch of Bidenflation. And considering what’s coming down the pipeline, things are only going to get worse, until we get rid of this demented clown.

Then I dialed in on a more personal picture of Biden’s economic policies in action.

Here’s a little snapshot of Bidenflation here in Texas. Last week, I spent more than $500 at the grocery store. It was a four day supply of food. And I couldn’t find the cereal my kids like, nor was there any Pedigree dog food.

Further, when Trump was president, I was so prosperous, I bought myself a shiny black Suburban. I’d spent years day-dreaming of one. I was so excited to buy the long-awaited SUV after driving an old beater for twelve years, and my first fill-up was $46 from a nearly empty tank.

Of course, at the time, I still had money at the end of each month. Maybe not much, but I had something left. With Biden as President, it seems we get through almost 3 weeks on the money we’ve earned. Then we have 7 to 10 days of scraping up change for Ramen noodles. Now it costs $123 to fill up that same Suburban. And nothing is getting “better.”

My February grocery bill topped out at $2,300. Granted, I have a big family. But groceries and gas aren’t the only places I feel the pinch. Forget pinch, let’s try gut punch. The electric bill nearly doubled in January. The water bill is higher. And insurance companies are warning of rate increases on the horizon. Guess what isn’t making any big moves? Salaries.

That’s right. Wages aren’t rising. And if they go up on paper, they’re not really going on. Because the real measure of economic health is how far your paycheck will stretch. Can you cover the house, the car, utilities,  groceries, and the credit cards? Or are you robbing Peter to pay Paul?

About Those Jobs

Suddenly, I’m reminded that Biden believes he added record numbers of jobs. Let’s look a little closer. How many of those are people finally getting back to work as the scamdemic comes to a close? Further, how many of those are people taking on second jobs to stay afloat?

I know that’s what I’m looking at. Can I add another job to my salary base? I probably need to if I’m going to get the rest of this brood raised up. Nothing Biden’s done will help my family prosper. Being the anti-Trump brought us NOTHING. And it’s only going to get worse. There are definite food shortages in our future.

As Kevin Jackson recently pointed out:

Russia is also a major manufacturer of fertilizer; in fact, it is the world’s largest. Second on the list is . . . China, a nation aligned with Russia and notably unfriendly to the United States and the West. (Canada is a distant third.) This has people worried.

So like gasoline and other fuels, food, rents, and interest rates, fertilizer is also taking a massive jump.

The Green Markets North American Fertilizer Index, already high, jumped 16% last Friday. Urea, a major fertilizer ingredient, went up 22%. Potash, another major ingredient (Russia is the top producer), increased 34% in Brazil, the world’s leading fertilizer importer. The price for standard “starter fertilizer” 10-34-0 is up 49% from a year ago and likely to go much higher.

Add  that to the number of products that depend on petroleum, and it’s a real disaster. The supply chain will soon reflect the shortages. Products like bicycle tires, dresses, solvents, floor wax, ballpoint pens, football cleats, nail polish, insecticides, and heaps more. In fact, click here for a bigger list.

Back to Fox:

Collins called it a “balance” for Biden with inflation at a high and the “affordability of energy.”

Nichols said that the president was right, but that his accomplishments were “also largely irrelevant.”

“There is one number they can’t really change right now and that is what the placard says at the local gas station and that number is high and that’s a daily jobs report that voters, that Americans, consumers see every day — and there is nothing the White House can do about it other than bring down the price of gasoline.”

Biden, gas, Kevin Jackson

“And maybe blame Putin,” Philips said, noting the White House messaging on gasoline prices.

Blame Putin? Wow, do they ever come up with any new ideas? Original ideas at that?

Clearly not!

“Look when I pass gas stations that say ‘Blame Putin’ more than they say ‘Let’s go Brandon,’ I’ll know the White House has been successful in messaging it, but that hasn’t happened yet,” Nichols said. Philips pointed to a Quinnipiac poll that found just 24% of Americans believe the price hikes are because of the war in Ukraine. 41% say they’re due to Biden’s policies

Obviously, Biden’s real problem has just become crystal clear. Americans are smart enough to see what’s happening, and no one is happy about what’s really going on. Because Biden’s policies make no cents, and they don’t leave us with any dollars either.


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