Did Elon Musk Reinstate Trump’s Twitter Account?

Have you seen the video showing the moment Trump’s twitter account was reinstated? Talk about breath-taking.

Check it out.

I’m not sure Elon Musk has this much juice, even with a $3 billion investment in that Leftist sleaze site. But I must say, my heart was aflutter for a moment at the prospect of Musk pulling financial rank on the Twitter scumbags.

Let me explain.

First, I hope Twitter fails miserably.

Those Gestapo need to be such down, as does the whole idea of “woke”. A company who can openly disrespect the president and remove his account? I can’t stand Joe Biden, the usurper appointed as president by those who instituted the real insurrection, aka the coup. But I stand for his right to get his message out to the world, even if that message is mostly unintelligible.

Second, I hope that Elon Musk actually launches a competitor to Twitter and Facebook. I’d like to run that company and end any speculation about Truth Social, a Trump failure of monumental proportions thus far.

Third, if neither (1) or (2) occurs, I hope that Musk takes over Twitter. Then fires the entire team and brings on a group of pro-American patriots who will remake that piece of sh*t company.

Apparently, many tweeters agree.

Back to the video.

I doubt that Trump is back on Twitter. I say this for a couple of reasons.

Frankly, I don’t think Twitter would put Trump back on based on Elon Musk. At least not yet. However, it could happen soon. Musk has the juice to make this happen at a stockholder meeting, for example.

That said, Trump would be a fool to rejoin Twitter, given that he launched Truth Social. But this brings me to something that would be huge.

If Musk ultimately bought Twitter, then brought Trump back with big hoopla, that would be HUGE.




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  1. Pew research has shown that Twatter is home to about 70% leftists. Ten percent of the most prolific twats who tweet are women and they tweet about politics. So you have a product made by leftists that caters to leftists and whose most prolific users are leftists. Compare the conservative joining Twatter to the first white family to move into the old predominately black neighborhood and try to change the culture to suit them. This is pretty much what we have in America today. You have a small Black, Hispanic, Asian, whatever population that instead of assimilating into the majority culture while preserving their cultural history, attempts to change the majority culture back to the caste system. You can see that with the major tech firms headed now by mostly CEOs of Indian decent. They are not big free speech advocates.

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