Is this The Big Guy NAKED on Hunter’s Laptop?

I have no idea about this picture. By “no idea”, I mean the picture’s origin, etc. But I suspect it’s legit.

The picture shows a man who looks like Joe Biden. The man is butt naked. He appears to be grabbing a young ethnic woman by the breast in the top picture. Then he appears to grab her by the “hoohah”.

Remind me: didn’t Trump get in a lot of trouble for saying that women would allow this of rich and powerful men?


Holy Mother of Tara Reade!

This picture has far-reaching implications for sure.

Look, Joe Biden was no choir boy at any point in his life. Even the smallest amount of research would prove that Biden womanized. So much that his behavior drove his first wife to commit suicide.

In her attempt to abandon The Big Guy, Biden’s first wife and mother of his children drove her car in the direct path of an 18-wheeler barreling down the freeway. The impact from the collision killed her and her daughter. The act was meant to kill the entire family, however Beau and Hunter survived.

Biden claimed for years that the trucker who hit his wife and family was drunk. That was a lie. But that lie played well for Biden to play the victim. Thus, during this time, Joe Demento used the death of his wife to further his Senate career. He milked this scenario for decades. He told lies, and they grew bigger and more sympathetic towards him.

Next, Biden married the wife of one of his good friends. If you follow the timeline, you don’t have to be a genius to determine that Joe and Jill had been up the hill to do more than get a pail of water.

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Hunter learned from the best!

As we know, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. So Biden the Younger, aka the surviving Biden boy, promptly married his dead brother’s widow. He screwed around on her with pole dancers and prostitutes, even fathering a child neither he nor the Biden family claims.

And what about that laptop?

Hunter is seen doing coke. And I don’t mean cola. But if that’s not bad enough, he does coke with prostitutes. The man is uncontrollable while profiting off the Biden family name.

As for this picture, we can’t verify the authenticity. It is said to be one that was deleted from Hunter’s laptop and recovered by forensic experts. I’m sure the Left will claim the picture is “Russian misinformation”. Ultimately they will blame either Trump or Putin. But from my vantage point, I’m seeing the Biden family apple tree.

Is this “The Big Guy”. Or is it “The Big Guy’s” brother?

It doesn’t look photoshopped, that’s for sure. And I’m curious as to who took the picture. Certainly the guy who appears to be fondling the young woman is oblivious.

One might think that these types of orgies happened often between the Biden boys. Apple. Tree. You know. Further, boys will be boys; especially the Biden boys.

I wrote earlier about Kim Dotcom who said that stories would begin breaking this week. Perhaps this is the first?


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