BREAKING: Democrats Conspired to Keep Election-Related Emails Hidden

I say daily on my radio show that it must suck to wake up a Democrat. The scandals they need to cover up require 24/7 vigilance.

But their treachery is known. And soon it will be proven to such a degree that even the most boneheaded Leftists will have to admit it.

Report by John Solomon of Just the News

The Biden Justice Department coordinated its legal assault on Georgia’s election integrity law last year with several liberal advocacy groups, and is now trying to conceal the content of their communications by claiming they are covered by legal privileges.

Emails and memos obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and reviewed by Just the News show extensive communications between DOJ officials and some of the biggest names in the liberal legal advocacy world, including the NAACP, the ACLU, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The communications also include the Perkins Coie law firm, which represented the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee and now finds itself enmeshed in Special Counsel John Durham’s prosecution of Michael Sussmann, a former partner at the firm who is accused of lying to the FBI when he spread false Russia dirt on Donald Trump back in 2016, the memos show.

“Thanks for reaching out. We are available on Tuesday at 4 p.m. to discuss those topics,” DOJ trial attorney Jasmyn Richardson wrote Leah Aden of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund on Aug. 6, 2021 in an email string setting up one of several meetings and conferences about the Georgia law.

No wonder Democrats sent teams of lawyers to battleground states where they cheated. If you were a Democrat, you would do anything to keep the public from knowing the obvious.

And their skullduggery continues,

The memos show that a month after the Biden administration sued Georgia to overturn its election integrity law the advocacy groups and DOJ constructed an agreement to protect their discussions and emails from public disclosure by calling them “common interest communications.”

“Hi all, as confirmed on today’s call, each of the entities that participated in today’s call … agree on their own behalf and on behalf of their respective clients in this litigation that they share a common interest in the successful prosecution of this litigation and that they may share (but are not required to share) privileged communications and other litigation material between and among them without waiving the attorney-client privilege, the work product protection or any other privilege or protection,” Ezra D. Rosenberg, the co-director of the Voting Rights Project at the Lawyers’ Committee, wrote the group on July 28, 2021.

At least three DOJ lawyers were included on that memo.

Nearly all the communications after that time included a disclaimer claiming they were “common interest communications” and were heavily redacted by DOJ to hide the substance of discussions before they were released under FOIA.

There is NO DOUBT that Democrats schemed to frame Trump. And we all know how they nuked Trump in what I call, “The Big Cheat”.

Democrats calls for “fair elections” and charges of voter disenfranchisement are as bogus as Biden’s hair.

It appears that the AG who helped certify Georgia’s elections sees the writing on the wall.

Raffensperger said Thursday the redactions and the privilege claims smack of political favoritism since DOJ should consider the American public and not one-sided political allies as its clients.

“In effect, what they are doing is invoking client-attorney privilege,” the Georgia elections chief said in a television interview. “And it clients, apparently, are these liberal activist groups, instead of being the American people. The Department of Justice works for all of us. I believed that this case was politically motivated, and now we have proof.”

Visit Just the News for additional details. But do you really need to learn more?

Democrat don’t want transparency. In fact, Donald Trump sent this message out by email:

I immediately call for the release of all text messages sent to and from Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff during their attempt to overturn the 2016 Presidential Election. They spied on my campaign, they spied on my transition team, and they even spied on the White House while I was in the Oval Office. They did everything they could to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, and stop the “Will of the People” with their Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, Mueller Scam, and more. I wonder what the texts would reveal? Unlike my Chief of Staff, which show patriotic Americans concerned about illegal and massive Election Fraud in 2020, I say bad things would be revealed.



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