Dems Doomed: Dropped request for Trump’s Jan 6 Records

Understand that Jan 6 represents Democrats’ attempt to intimidate conservatives from ever assembling again.

Yes, it’s really that simple. Democrats need to be intimidating to keep their ruse hidden.

Democrats cheated in the 2020 Presidential Election. So when Jan 6 was planned, Democrats enlisted the support of the FBI and contrived what they want the public to believe is an insurrection worse than the Civil War, Pearl Harbor, and 911 rolled into one.

Remember, they built Fort Apache to protect Congress from, well…nothing.

For months, Democrats regaled us with people they’ve deemed terrorists. They removed the civil rights of Americans who have done nothing wrong. All to continue their ruse of Jan 6.

But like their other ruses, Democrats aren’t selling Jan 6 as easily as they wish. And now we get this latest development regarding Trump’s data.

I learned that the lawyers for the Congress committee responsible for this farce put their request of 3,000 pages of Trump’s records on hold.

Is Trump setting a trap?

Remember Rachel Maddow’s “Al Capone’s Vault” moment when she looked into Trump the “tax cheat”? That didn’t go well for Maddow, as Trump released his taxes openly. And as a final dig to Maddow, Trump’s tax returns revealed that instead of paying $0 in taxes as Maddow said, Trump paid over $28 million in taxes that year.

In keeping with the farce, the House select committee’s lawyers did say they would continue to pursue 721 contested documents totaling around 3,000 pages. Further, the committee asked for those documents to be reviewed by the court through an expediated briefing process, noting that public hearings were set to begin next month.

Eastman’s lawyers said it was premature to to ask for an expedited schedule and review of the documents, saying their client “will continue to work with defendants to narrow the issues, it remains a distinct possibility that novel legal issues may remain to be briefed to the Court.”

“Without knowing which documents remain at issue, [Eastman] is unable to offer a position on the continuing need for discovery, an appropriate briefing schedule, or whether further narrowing of the disputed privilege issues may be possible. [Eastman] will file a prompt status with the Court upon receipt of the Bates numbers and preliminary review of remaining documents,” lawyers for Eastman responded on Saturday.

As one of Trump lawyers, Eastman was allegedly involved in developing plans to overturn the 2020 presidential election. But so far, everything Democrats accuse conservatives of turns out to be something Democrats did. Deflecting at its finest.

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