Biden’s Recession Cover Up: Americans Call BS!

If we’ve learned anything from Joe Biden, it’s not to believe anything the demented fool says.

I tell you nothing you don’t know when I say that Joe Biden is and has always been a pathological liar. Now, he has a complicit media to help him. I say ‘now’ but clearly Biden’s always had the advantage of complicit media backing him.

Elon Musk recognizes what Joe Biden has done to former President Trump’s robust economy. So much so that Musk declared his bearish approach to his company Tesla.

The leader of one of the most successful companies in human history warned about the future of the economy. And like clockwork, a man who has never built a company and is currently torpedoing the economy challenged Elon Musk.

Musk vs. Biden, Seriously?

Does anyone think Biden stands a change in a war of wits with Elon Musk?

Joe Biden tried to clown Musk after Musk’s declaration to cut his staff and freeze hiring. Nobody fell for it. And not that Musk needs any assistance to handle Biden, he does get vindication from others.

From LinkedIn:

As layoffs become more commonplace in the increasingly volatile tech startup landscape, another trend is emerging. A growing number of LinkedIn members are reporting that offers they have received to join a new employer are being rescinded. Coinbase, for instance, has begun pausing all new hires and is also “pulling some accepted job offers.” The trend to take back job offers exemplifies the turmoil facing the tech sector’s market. Venture capital-backed firms are being hit especially hard as investors abandon risky bets and seek immediate returns.

Firms including fintech unicorns Bolt and Klarna, and delivery startups Gorillas and Getir, have announced workforce cuts. Tech giants such as Netflix and PayPal are also shedding jobs, while Uber, Lyft, Snap and Meta have slowed hiring.

Companies are reeling from Bidenflation, because consumers are reeling. For those interested, expect the bad news to continue.

Biden showcases abject ignorance in economics with each piece of head-scratching legislation he recommends or God-forbid passes. Yet he remains undaunted.

It’s only a matter of time before corporations recognize that being “woke” is no longer an option. Further, following any advice by Biden offers a recipe for disaster.

One commenter wrote:

After a month that saw nearly an overall global figure of 16,000 tech workers lose their jobs(tech crunch), June is off to a similar riotous start. Startups across all sectors, from healthcare to enterprise SaaS/tech market to crypto, are laying off portions of staff and citing, it seems, from the same notes: it’s a tough market, a time of uncertainty, and a correction toward sustainability is needed. Being sustainable is the key word here, Same old Same old.

This is a brief roundup on what happened in the global tech/crypto/healthcare market, who was affected, and was it really a post-pandemic reset, that was needed (especially in the Egyptian Start up culture) a global recession, or was it due to an over-ambitious mindset with lack of farsightedness and poor planning that led to this dismay.

If you believe this commentary, then we have more layoffs to look forward to. Companies are retracting from promises, commitments to new hires. That’s enough of a warning bell for me to know I need to batten down the hatches and prepare to ride out the storm.

But don’t worry, according to Steve Hilton, this is all normal. In fact, he says we have to ruin the economy to make it stronger. If that’s the case, Biden is spot on with his strategy. #WhatCouldGoWrong ??


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