SCOTUS Saves Leftist Women from Themselves

Conservatives fight for women to be women. And Leftist hags hate us for it.

We battle for women so that women do not have to compete with men. Why? Because women will lose against men.

Women can’t beat our weakest men, sport to sport. Put another way, the strongest, fastest woman can’t beat our weakest, slowest man in the same sport. For feminists, this fact vexes them. As if the measure of a person is based on physicality.

If men thought like this, we would all only want to be alpha males. As a proud alpha male, I will admit that I’m glad all men are not alpha males. After all, who would Leftist women marry if it weren’t for beta males?

The Women’s Movement wants women to keep dreaming about being men. And if you think Leftist men suck at being men, take a look at their women who try to be men. Women–ok, butch Lesbians–really suck at being men. But don’t believe me. Instead, consider the transgender argument for a second.

When speaking of transexuals, the discussion is one-directional. We talk almost exclusively about transgender men becoming women. Because I don’t recall a single conversation about transexuals when women become men. If a trans woman wants to be a man, CRICKETS! No man cares.

Why? Because REAL men aren’t concerned about some chick becoming a dude. To that we say, “Welcome to the party, Pal!”

I assure you that men have zero concern for any eventuality that may occur with a trans woman to man. Because no woman who becomes a man can compete with men. And even if one managed to compete with us, men wouldn’t care.

We simply aren’t worried about sports, sexuality, looks, or anything else with men, much less with women who want to become me. However, when men transform to “women”, we dominate women in all those areas and whatever else women throw at us, except pregnancy.

So when we Conservatives fight to keep transexual men from participating in women’s sports, we are doing women a huge favor. I find it asinine that we must join Conservative women in the battle against their crazy “sisters”.

If men were mean-spirited, we would just let our weaker representatives continue to dominate women. Our girly-men would serve as a reminder to feminists that they will never dominate men, especially real men. After all, they can’t even handle our girly-men.

Within a generation, trans men would have demoralized women into complete submission. We would take Title IX and shove it up feminists’ butts. BONUS!

If Conservative men keep our mouths shut on the trans issue, we would eliminate big mouth feminists like women’s soccer player Meghan Rapinoe. That bonehead feminist suffers the delusion that somebody cares about women’s soccer. It’s idiots like her that make me want to unleash trans men on women’s soccer. “GET HER!”

Our pseudo-men would bench Rapinoe within a season. Within two seasons, nobody would remember that Rapinoe ever played the game.

How does SCOTUS play into this?

Well first, overturning Roe v Wade reminded Leftists what a woman is. At some point feminists will be embarrassed into the realization that (1) they have no control over their bodies as they claim, (2) their abortion views are racist, and (3) they lost nothing.

On point number three, what did women lose? SCOTUS turned the issue of abortion over to the states. It’s not like women will resort to the oft described, “back-alley abortion”. Women have many ways to prevent pregnancy and destroy children.

So I’d love some feminist to tell me what they lost. I’m certain that Massachusetts, Oregon, even Hawaii would allow abortions. California already signed a law to do so.

But maybe, just maybe, a few women will reconsider their actions.



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