Twitter Desperate to Keep Musk at the Table

I’m convinced that Elon Musk never really wanted to buy Twitter. After all, he could do a lot better with $40 billion.

Now that the deal is in danger of falling through, I’m convinced that I was right.

Sure, there came a point where Musk figured he would go ahead with the buyout. After all, he had purchased enough stock to be a pain in Twitter ass. Shortly thereafter, Twitter pushed too hard, and I think Musk came up with a better approach.

In offering to buy Twitter, Musk triggered an over-reaction. I wrote at the time that Twitter MUST consider Musk’s buyout or risk a class-action lawsuit by stockholders. Twitter did resist at first, as they implemented a proposed “poison pill”. However, shortly thereafter I’m sure their attorneys cautioned them to what I theorized.

So Twitter swallowed its poison pill, then entertained the buyout off.

Now Part Two of Musk’s plan. The data.

Along with Twitter’s Gestapo tactics against Conservatives and the protection Section 230 provided, Musk knew of another tactic Twitter used to silence some, while giving others a megaphone. At the same time Twitter silenced real thought-leaders like myself, they elevated the voices of people like AOC and even feckless old fart Joe Biden.

In a recent revelation, Twitter exposed that a huge chunk of Biden’s so-called fans were bots. By the way, this is just like his voters–a figment of Democrat and vote counting machine imaginations. But I digress.

In short, Biden has only a handful of real people who follow his work. The rest are “gifted” to him by Twitter. You can bet that most people following Biden don’t even know they are following him. Moreover, far more bots follow Biden than real people.

By agreeing to buy Twitter, Musk exposed their real flaw. Fake data. Now, Twitter agreed to hand over the trove of data that includes more than 500M tweets a day! Imagine how many of those were sent to the internet version of federal prison before they ever saw the light of day.

Twitter is no different than the fake news media. And to think that this company considers itself a purveyor of truth. I dare anybody to fact check Twitter’s fact-checkers.

Musk now exposes Twitter as a fraud on multiple fronts. And it was worth $5B by the world’s richest man to expose these frauds. And who better to draw attention to the fake data and bots?

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What timing!

Given the success of True the Vote, OpSec, and 2000 Mules, Elon Musk’s plan to expose Twitter couldn’t have come at a better time…


  1. And if Musk doesn’t follow through and buy Twitter then they will probably try to just go back to business as usual and bury all the internal corruption. If I was him I would still go through with the purchase but push for a lower price to make up for the fake user counts. That would take away one of the left’s propaganda tools and help restore a venue for free speech online.

  2. I recently created a twitter account to see what the hubub was. I was not shocked to find the same people regurgitating the same nonsense everyday, all day. Twitter is not made for discourse; it is made precisely for the society of twits they have shaped. The blue check people race to be the first to pen a witty response to the latest outrage while the non blue check people jockey to stroke the ego of the superior race of influencers. None of them know anything past the sentence or video clip that provoked their tweet.

    Twitter is monkeys throwing feces at the zoo.

    That said I don’t think Musk knew what he was going to do. He seems to enjoy the flux and that’s what sets him apart from the rest of the billionaire club. They are such fragile insecure people that they will go to great lengths to control the outcome. Musk like the high from the unknown. It makes him human. And now that twitter is exposed, it will die quietly because everyone can smell the zoo……….

  3. I wish musk would take over and clean house just because they’re a bunch of far left libturds that stifled any sensible comments.

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