50 Government Officials Resigned, Signaling Major Changes in UK

Even Boris Johnson Calls it Quits

2022 will undoubtedly go down in the history books as the year the world finally went crazy. And the fact that Joe Biden sits in the Oval Office will only be one piece of the pie.

In the Netherlands, Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s head is spinning. The uprising of Dutch farmers is getting more out of hand by the minute. The farmers are blocking food warehouses and supermarkets in protest. Police fired shots after tractors were steered into police cars. It’s a nightmare, at best.

What exactly are these farmers protesting against?

According to Deseret News:

Netherland lawmakers recently voted on proposals to slash emissions of damaging pollutants. The two most notable emission cuts being made by these decisions are nitrogen oxide and ammonia, which farming produces. For many years, ministers have been working to de-escalate this issue.

The country’s highest court forewarned the government to take measures from a ruling in a 2019 case. The new environmental rules say that farmers need to drastically reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions that their livestock produce.

ABC News reported that these decisions were prompted when the government was not able to pass certain construction and infrastructure projects due to the breach it would have on environmental rules regarding emissions.

According to National Geographic, farming practices in the Netherlands are intensive because of their method of keeping large amounts of livestock on small areas of land. Nitrogen oxide is released into the air when fertilizer soaks into the soil or water and ammonia is produced through the urine and feces animals produce.

The government in previous years has tried other avenues such as urging farmers to give their livestock feed that contains less protein as a path to reducing these emissions but with the intensive farming practices continuing, new measures are now being taken.

Sounds like another AOC cow fart conundrum. Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron lost his majority in Parliament.

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It’s Complicated

Sure, Macron pulled off an election win, but rumors suggest Obama’s endorsement came at a price. And there’s nothing baby black Jesus can do to help Macron now. Clearly, losing his majority makes it pretty difficult to pass any of Macron’s legislative measures. A little less leftism to go around.

CNBC reports:

“France is now facing the unsettling prospect of a period of prolonged political instability, while confronting an international crisis in Ukraine and the growing threat of an economic downturn at home,” Mujtaba Rahman, managing director for Europe at the consultancy group Eurasia, said in a note Sunday.

It was confirmed Monday morning that his centrist group secured 245 seats, falling short of the 289 needed to keep its dominance at the French National Assembly.

The next few hours — and likely days — will be dominated by political negotiations, with Ensemble! needing either a permanent or ad hoc partner to help it pass legislation.

The center-right political group Les Republicans could play a critical role in this, after winning 65 seats in parliament.

Shall we call it a European red wave?

And then we have Boris Johnson’s exit.

Reports say Johnson wasn’t emotional at all. He didn’t even address his own scandalous behavior. Instead, he blamed the actions of his party and the clear outcry for new leadership.

As the Washington Post reports:

“As we have seen at Westminster … when the herd moves, it moves. And my friends, in politics, no one is remotely indispensable,” Johnson said.

The changes rolling through the UK will be interesting at the very least.

There will be no general election. Instead, the next leader of Britain will be chosen in a vote by dues-paying members of the Conservative Party, which will remain in power. Johnson said he would serve until a new leader is in place, which could take six weeks or longer. He appointed a new cabinet of officials to replace all the ministers who had abandoned him, while pledging not to “implement new policies or make major changes of direction.”

Meanwhile, in the United States, President Biden decided to wind his ass and scratch his watch. But don’t worry, Dr. Jill will soon be along to change his pampers in the midst of this global uproar.



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