Chris Cuomo’s Comeback?

A few days back, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo hinted about something new coming from him.

Post-CNN firing and his brother the “Love Gov” being dismissed from his position, the Cuomos have been relatively silent. And rightfully so.

Andrew Cuomo killed hundreds of senior citizens and departed the governor’s mansion in disgrace. And no longer able to ride to coattails of big bro, Little Chris got kicked to the curb by CNN for lying about the part he played in covering for his sibling.

Andrew Cuomo is trying to revive his political career, since he has avoided prosecution for his sexual sins. And Fredo seems to have adopted a new country.

As The Washington Examiner reported,

Donning sunglasses and a helmet, Cuomo toured some of the wreckage in Ukraine and urged people to pay more attention to the bloodshed half a world away while chiding the lack of media coverage of the conflict.

“What is happening right now in Ukraine is bad and America should be paying a lot more attention,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “I went to the eastern front. Shelling is intense and devastating. Why so little coverage here?”

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Watch out Ukrainians. A

Leftist is on the loose in your country. Let’s just hope that Cuomo isn’t spotted with Hunter Biden.

The article continues,

Cuomo had teased his comeback Saturday, telling his Instagram followers in a post that he would “show you what you’re not seeing from Ukraine” on Monday. His website similarly teased that “something is coming” and contained the headline “Free Agent.”

Standing outside a brick building in Ukraine, Cuomo explained that Ukrainian fighters had to situate themselves close to the building in order to protect themselves against enemy fire. He also posted a video showing a building that had been pummeled by bombs and was largely reduced to rubble. Then he showed a clip of Ukrainians brandishing weapons and lining up behind a trench while on the lookout for Russian-backed fighters.

“Shelling is destroying homes, schools, adults kids … often with banned weapons say Ukrainians, showing us cluster bombs and describing mines that are tearing through young and old,” he wrote in the post. “Warfare is like WW2. This is what Ukraine is desperate for: High Mobility Artillery Rocket System. They are essential to stop shelling. But they have far too few to counter what is coming.”

I guess there’s not enough news happening state-side.

Thus Cuomo’s inserted himself into a war thousands of miles away. Cuomo in Ukraine reminds me of the scene from Gladiator where the prince arrives late to the battle. Then he orchestrates a mock battle with the Pretorians, in an effort to make himself look as powerful as the general who had actually fought and won the war.

Case in point, what Cuomo said of the Ukrainians in their battle against the Russians:

“Ukrainians sound like Americans ~240yrs ago vs the British. They are laying down their lives to keep the freedoms we have here,” he wrote in the post.

I have two words for Cuomo: Jon Stewart.

What Stewart learned quickly after leaving Comedy Central is that nobody cared about him after he left. Cuomo I feel will suffer the same fate. He’s irrelevant. A muscular Keith Olbermann.

Americans don’t care about Biden’s Russia-Ukraine war. They care about $5 per gallon average gas prices, ridiculous grocery prices, and inflation that eats up their salaries and savings.

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