Infuriated McConnell FINALLY Confronts Biden

But it took him long enough.

The cheating in the 2020 Presidential Election didn’t do it, nor did the invasion by illegals. So what does it take to get the ire of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)?

Apparently, leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan or getting 13 Marines killed in the process won’t do it. And if you think torpedoing an economy with a scamdemic will get McConnell to go after you, then think again.

So what your son is a crackhead, and you are “the big guy” getting payola and risking America’s national security. “I see nothing!” is how McConnell reacts. None of those things are “below the dignity” of the office of the president.

But now that Biden attacked the Supreme Court judges for their recent decisions, McConnell released his fury.

McConnell excoriated Joe Biden for his attacks on the U.S. Supreme Court. He accused Biden of acting beneath the “dignity” of the office. Further, McConnell accused Biden of “blame shifting” for the floundering economy and chaotic situation at the border and in American cities.

“Attacking a core American institution like the Supreme Court from the world stage is below the dignity of the President,” McConnell blasted on Twitter. “President Biden’s attacks on the Court are unmerited and dangerous.”

McConnell commented in a press release:

“He’s upset that the Court said the people, through their elected representatives, will have a say on abortion policy. That does not destabilize democracy — it affirms it. By contrast, it is behavior like the President’s that undermines equal justice and the rule of law.”

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As I sarcastically mentioned earlier, a statement like this is long overdue.

But if McConnell thinks this makes up for his lack of representation of Conservatives and Republicans, think again.

McConnell sides with Democrats on critical issues, like the notion that Biden won the election fair and square. Further, McConnell joins those clowns in the January 6 farce. Perhaps 38 years in the swamp eroded his eyeballs.

Sadly, I see the SCOTUS statement as red meat McConnell throws to Conservatives more than I believe it to be part of his DNA.

The good news is that many of us actually do feel this outrage. And we will prove it at the ballot box. No sharpies either.

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