Republican LEAK: Hunter Biden INDICTMENT Coming

If you thought the SCOTUS leak on Roe sent shockwaves, imagine how Democrats will react to this leak about Hunter Biden’s pending indictment.

Forget Senator Feinstein’s Chinese spy chauffeur or Swalwell’s Chinese spy girlfriend, Hunter Biden provides much more salacious spy intrigued. And on multiple fronts.

In Hunter Biden’s dealings as the Biden family front man representing “The Big Guy”, he exposed the criminal activities of his family on multiple fronts. And according to leaks, Biden’s Department of Justice won’t be able to run interference for much longer.

According to Rep. James Comer, R-Ky, the ranking GOP member of the House Oversight Committee, Hunter Biden will be indicted by January.

During an interview on Newsmax, Comer commented, “Hunter Biden left a trail that any prosecutor would be hard-pressed to turn a blind eye to.”

The New York Post reported,

Officials are reportedly weighing possible charges against Hunter Biden as the federal investigation into the president’s son has reached a “critical stage,” sources said.

Hunter Biden, 52, could face charges related to possible tax violations or more seriously, foreign lobbying violations, Fox News and CNN reported.

The possible charges stem from a probe into Hunter Biden’s finances and overseas business deals which is being conducted by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, a prosecutor appointed by former President Donald Trump.

Weiss and the Justice Department have reached a point in the investigation in which they are looking into the possibility of charging President Biden’s son with various tax violations and/or foreign lobbying violations, sources told the outlets.

They are also eyeing a possible false statement charge related to Hunter Biden’s firearm purchase.

Keep in mind, these charges apply mostly to Hunter and not his father. But how long do you think it will take before the crackhead cracks?

Comer said during the interview that the various charges reported “are the least of Hunter Biden’s problems.”

I agree. Because staying alive has suddenly risen to the top of the list.

As Comer noted, “He’s (Hunter) been dealing with shady characters all over the globe.”

In the interview, we learned that Hunter Biden had been flagged by federal authorities on roughly 150 “SAR” incidents (Suspicious Activity Reports), covering seven different bank accounts.

“[The feds] only flag accounts when there’s strong suspicion of criminal activity,” Comer says.

“This guy is in a lot of trouble, and the Department of Justice doesn’t know what to do,” Comer told Newsmax on Thursday evening.

The media and the Leftist-controlled DOJ can’t keep sweeping Hunter Biden under the rug. And the timing of everything fits.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are in the tank. So he can offer no cover for Hunter from the standpoint of having overwhelming public support. Quite the opposite in fact. Thus, one way for the Leftist elites to force Biden the Elder out is to pressure Hunter.

I have little doubt that if Leftist elites make it clear that if Biden stays Hunter goes, Joe Biden will step down. Jill Biden will reluctantly insist her husband leave. And let’s face it: Jill Biden runs the Biden household, and to some degree the White House.

There is a saying in the military: Sh*t flows downhill.

But in this case, will sh*t flow uphill and drag Joe and James Biden into the mix? Most likely.

Comer commented:

Some House Republicans believe that Jim Biden, President Biden’s brother, has been “the brains of the operation,” when it comes to maximizing the Biden family’s business dealings.

“We fear that Hunter’s [international] business dealings have compromised Joe Biden, and compromised this White House,” said Comer.

Republicans will have every right to bring all these issues to the attention of the American public when they gain control of the House. But we must do more than discuss these matters. It’s far past time for perp walks.



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