What American Conservatives and the Russians have in common

I struggle with the idea that I can’t support the American government. Admittedly, that’s not part of my DNA.

Having grown up appreciative of America, I became disillusioned with the American government just over a decade ago. Prior to that, I was like a country bumpkin in the office of Harvey Weinstein expressing my dreams. We all know what happened later, right?

Like many Hollywood ingenues found out, Hollywood kills more dreams than it makes. And so does America’s Leftist government.

Because of what I have witnessed over the past decade, I believe nothing our government or its media minions say. So when the media sided against Russia, although my aforementioned DNA wanted to believe them, my newly developed spider-sense for BS pegged.

Consider the narrative when Russia invaded Ukraine. The message was Russia bad, Ukraine good. Put another way, Putin bad, Zelensky good.

However, since I know that George Soros funded Zelensky’s election, how good can Ukraine be?

Leftists position Conservatives like the Russians. The general public considers Conservatives bad and Leftists good. Quite the opposite is true.

Conservatives attempt to save the unborn, and we are vilified. By contrast, Leftists will run through fire to save murderers on death row.

In calling Conservatives racist homophobes, a Leftist faked his ass-kicking. He blamed two “Trump supporters” for his self-inflicted attack. And why did he fake this attack? For his own personal benefit. Recall that the Leftists including their lapdog media sided with this blatant liar.

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And there are many other examples.

For example, Conservatives have been stripped of social media credentials. For many of us, social media provided a substantial income. Laura Loomer lost her Facebook, Twitter and other pages and was de-platformed from PayPal and Stripe, among others. Ironically, the Russians have been forced to look for alternatives to our monetary systems.

I read in National Review that multiple Russian banks on announced plans to begin issuing cards using a Chinese card operator’s system with Russia’s Mir network. Russia made this move after Visa and MasterCard pulled out of Russia.

Sberbank, Alfa Bank and Tinkoff all said they would begin using the Chinese UnionPay system, according to Reuters.

And then there’s Donald Trump. Leftists tried to “blame” the Russians for his election. Of course, the Russians didn’t vote Trump in, but if they had, I’d be the first to say “THANK YOU”.

It’s hard to believe that Conservatives actually have more in common with Russians these days when it comes to various forms of government oppression.


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