Beware of These Poisonous Government Snakes!

From time to time, we need a little humor in our lives. Especially in times like these- when we are confronted by illegalities, lies, deliberate destruction of our country, and persecution of patriots like President Trump.

Here’s a fun way bring a little levity into our lives. Argumentum ad hominem is fallacious, that is, false reasoning in the branch of Philosophy called Logic. An example could be “Marly should never be elected to the school board. She has pink hair”, which, of course, has no logical connection to any eligibility criteria for serving on a school board. Some attorneys, both on the defense and prosecutorial side, often like to fool juries with more sophisticated versions of argumentum ad hominem, such as “The rape victim wore a miniskirt.”

The Ad Hominem Fallacy (3 Flavors) and Ridicule in the Bible

Are you sick of hearing false smears like “Orange Man” and “tiny hands”? Let’s tell the truth and roast a few Democrats based solely on their looks.


(A.k.a. “Beto”. Former U.S. Congressman, Texas. Wants to be president. He once laughingly bragged that he served his wife some human feces on a dinner plate, claiming that it was “avocado”). He looks like the perfect choice to cast as a serial killer in a horror movie. He would also look perfect in a newspaper cover photo as a twisted child rapist. Yeah, it’s a tossup. Then there’s the whole Butthead resemblance.

Beto, Butthead, Kevin Jackson
Image credit: Kristy Swanson/Twitter

(Former state representative, Georgia; delivers racism at decibel levels exceeding those you would experience if you stood inside a 747 engine at takeoff). If you ever wondered what the offspring of a rhinoceros and hippopotamus would look like, it’s Stacey Abrams.

Stacey Abrams, Kevin Jackson
Image credit: Outside the Beltway

(Multi-millionaire,   professional racist; U.S. Congressperson, California). If a cheap wig were to come to life on top of a farm animal’s head, that would be Maxine Waters.

Maxine Waters, Kevin Jackson
Image credit: Will Sherwood/Twitter

(A.k.a Joe Biden, polluter of the Oval Office). For the purpose of looking more palatable to the public in his run for the presidency, he became the Poster Boy for Botox and extensive cosmetic surgery. Photos prove that several years ago he looked many years older than now.

The skin of his face is so tight it could serve as a trampoline. The area between his nose and mouth is so packed with filler that if a codpiece had been implanted there, it wouldn’t stick out more. Blepharoplasty has lifted his upper eyelids. The arcs of skin surgically swooped up at the outer corners of his eyes remind one of the curtain style called Austrian sheers. Alas and alack, no plastic surgery exists to camouflage either his stupidity or senility.

Joe Biden, Kevin Jackson
Image credit: Cosmetic Town

(Billionaire. Changed his name from the Schwartz György that he was born with. Some might say he uses his wealth globally for crimes against humanity. Masquerading as a Christian, he- it is widely purported, profited from turning in fellow Jews to be murdered during the Nazi occupation of his homeland.) Doesn’t he look like the epitome of Mephistopheles, a character in literature and opera who symbolizes the Devil?

George Soros, Kevin Jackson
Image Credit: Keith Bridges/Deezer

(Secretary of what should be called Homeland Insecurity. Delights in allowing millions of illegal aliens to overrun our borders). Folks you’ve got to agree that with his dead eyes and expressionless face, he looks like a KGB torture agent.


DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas, Kevin Jackson
Image Credit: NY Post

(Disgraced ex-governor of New York. Responsible for killing hundreds of elderly nursing home residents by ordering COVID patients of all ages to be packed into the homes. When not murdering, his side gig was philandering.) No doubt about it, he looks like Satan himself.

***Editor’s Note: Come back tomorrow for Christie’s take on a few Republicans. She will surely shatter your current views of them. And tell us who you think the biggest political snakes are! We want to hear from you.

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