Conservatives: Why are you still living in the city?

I’ve asked myself and friends this question for the past couple years. Why are you still living in the city?

Usually, I get the same type of responses; “I can’t afford to move”, “my kids are in school here”, or “I can’t leave my job”. These are all reasonable and understandable responses. Reasonable in normal times; but these aren’t normal times, are they?

Major cities are overrun with leftist ideology. We have sanctuary cities, where undocumented criminals are embraced. The police are defunded while violent protests destroy public and private property at alarming rates. Crime is rampant while leftist policies are fueling inflation and sadly, common sense is long gone. If that isn’t enough, there is a poop “pandemic” in several of these cities. You’re not even safe in your home because criminals know law enforcement lack the resources to take them down. Hell, that’s why “smash and grab” is the latest shopping phenomenon.

Now, even Hollywood (the honey hole of leftism) is under attack.

Yesterday I was watching Tim Pool cover a story (watch video here) where the crew of an Apple TV show in production (Lady in the Lake) staring Natalie Portman (a proponent of BLM’s “defund the police” movement) ran into an issue involving 2 major drug dealers and their attempt to extort $50,000 from the production company.

In the video Tim Pool also covered a story from The Post Millennial where Andy Ngo wrote of violence that broke out on the streets of Portland during one of Antifa’s “street occupations”.

“At one of the street racing takeovers on Sunday night near the Expo Center attended by hundreds, an elderly man in a van appeared to be caught in the road before being violently attacked by an armed mob. Video posted on social media shows that as he desperately attempted to reverse and drive away while being attacked, he backed into a car. A man in the crowd then fires at least 18 rounds at his fleeing van. A follow-up video shows the crowd catching up with the elderly man who had stopped on a patch of grass. He appeared to be in shock and was bleeding heavily.”

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To me, these stories are wild.

But they are indicative of the bad times we currently live in. Like it or not, this is what we’ve got. Even worse, these stories are tame compared to others; and there are so many more of them. I haven’t even gotten into the crazy stories coming out of public schools. Just this morning, The Officer Tatum released a video highlighting a woman exposing teachers pushing gender indoctrination homework onto kindergarteners.

Be forewarned. This video is disturbing.

Lawrence Johnson recently explained how we’ve gone from the basic two genders we grew up understanding to 72 genders! Our schools are attacking our youngest learners. Yet we keep sending our children to them to face the evils of the world head on while we are at work rather than working with our friends and family to home school our kids. Or showing up at the school board meetings in droves so big our demands for change can’t be ignored. Either way, something must be done!

Let me calm down and lower my blood pressure…

Just a few miles from where I live, there are quiet country roads, neighbors that know your name (and are just as armed as you are), fresh air, woods, and on and on. The crime and violence found in cities just isn’t out there on a regular basis. However, when it shows up (it will of course), you aren’t viewed as a criminal for defending your family or your property.

I get it, making changes to your life can be difficult. However, at some point you have to ask yourself if the risks in the city are worth the convenience of keeping things the way they are. Outside of making sure everyone in your family, that is eligible, votes to get the right people in office that can affect change; there isn’t much else you can do other than move out of the criminal infested cities.

“But Brian, you said you’re a few miles away from the country, why are you still living in the city”?

You’re right. I am still in the city. But I’m selling everything I own, minus a truck and a car, in order to buy some land. I’m ready to get out of this hell hole. Who’s with me?

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