How Breasts Got an Apple Exec Fired

Sir Mix-a-Lot might like big butts and he cannot lie, and Meghan Trainor may be all about that bass. But when it comes to breasts, the problems start.

At least that the case for former Apple VP Tony Blevins.

CNBC confirmed that Blevins is leaving the company after appearing in a now-viral TikTok video where he made what has been described as a “crude joke”.

Yes America, we live in a time when a joke can get you canned.

In the video, posted by user Daniel Mac on Sept. 5, Apple VP Tony Blevins is asked what he does for a living. The reason Mac questioned Blevins is the TikToker spotted Blevins’ luxury car (a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren).

I’ve been in similar situations where I asked guys what they did for a living, given they were driving an exotic car. Generally speaking, they just answer the question, which have been all over the map. Having a genuine interest in people, I often wonder such things as occupations, and so on.

Anyway, Blevins answered Mac, saying “I race cars, play golf and fondle big-breasted women. But I take weekends and major holidays off.”

@itsdanielmac Quite the occupation this man has ✍️ #mercedesbenz #supercarstiktok #slr #car ♬ original sound – DANIEL MAC

Of course this was meant to be a funny answer. And you can bet that Blevins didn’t think his answer would be all over social media. What a naïve relic?!

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Ironically, the words are a paraphrase from the 1981 movie Arthur .

In the film, the main character gets asked the same question. He answers, “I race cars, I play tennis, I fondle women, but I have weekends off, and I am my own boss.”

Whether the reference was understood or not, Blevins added the “big-breasted” to the line himself. The video has now reached over 1.4 million views on the platform.

On Thursday, an Apple representative confirmed to CNBC that Blevins will be leaving the company. “Tony is leaving Apple,” the company told the outlet.

Since going viral, the 22-year veteran of Apple has also spoken out about the video. “I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by my mistaken attempt at humor,” Blevins said to Bloomberg.

Thus, along with everything else leftism has destroyed, a sense of humor is no longer a desirable trait, or even an allowable one.


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