Game Changer: 62,000 Tweeters Freed

Elon Musk PROMISED to be a champion for free speech. And Elon Musk DELIVERED.

Today, we get news that 62,000 accounts will soon be restored on the Twitter platform.

It’s been more than a week ago since Musk restored Donald Trump’s account. He made the controversial move after posting a survey on his own feed.

More than 15 million tweeters weighed in during the 24 hours the survey was live. That’s a crazy number of people who definitely care whether or not Trump is tweeting. After Musk reinstated Trump’s account, Trump didn’t even log back in. (He’s still dabbling in Truth Social, but I believe he will eventually make a return.) Still, leftists are completely triggered by the fact that any day now, Trump could reach for his phone and click on a little blue bird.

Now, Musk begins the task of freeing the jailed tweeters. Among them is our own Kevin Jackson. So, the question is this:

Will Kevin Jackson’s original Twitter page be restored?

After calling Christine Blasey-Ford a skank on his Twitter page, Fox News fired him. Of course, it turns out that Jackson was right. Ford is a liar and she tried to manipulate the placement of a Supreme Court Justice. She should have legal repercussions for her actions. But, in this leftist world, she’s hailed a hero.

Soon after, we noticed shadow banning on various posts. In fact, Kevin Jackson has been repressed for expressing his own political, conservative views. Further, his right to free speech was assassinated. And Twitter wasn’t the only place where we were banned. The Black Sphere’s official Facebook page, that once had reach of up to half a million followers, was actually taken down without warning.

We had zero violations on our page. Fact checkers often marked our articles as “Fake News”, but each time it happened, I disputed the flag. Shockingly, Facebook allowed these “fact-checkers” to take down articles, but didn’t even have a process for appeal in place. I learned we had to reach out to each individual fact-checker and dispute their flag directly.

I developed my own process of appeal, and effectively proved the factual basis for every article Kevin, I, and our contributors published. Thus, it was quite the shock when we woke up without a page. However, we weren’t alone. In October, 2018, Facebook purged more than 800 accounts for their right-wing viewpoint. Despite staunch criticism to their attack against free speech, Facebook repeated their conservative purge the following May.

Unions, Kevin Jackson

More than 61 million followers were affected by these purges.

Will Musk’s fight to defend free speech bleed over to other platforms? Zuckerberg is likely already on his way out at Facebook. He’s sold a great bit of his personal stock. And he’s allowed wokeism to destroy the once mega-popular platform. Now, it’s Metaverse isn’t living up to what it promised to be. So, where’s the next billionaire ready to step in and turn it around? Is there another Elon Musk lurking on the sidelines?

I certainly hope so. Let’s be rational here. Leftism is actually dangerous. It’s followers are led to support policies that directly affect their safety, such as allowing dangerous drug dealers and sex-traffickers to walk freely across our borders illegally. Yet, it is the conservative values of upholding our constitution that are repeatedly blocked from public consumption.

As Elon Musk recently agreed, we must be fair and give both sides a voice. Kevin Jackson is a staunch conservative warrior. He fights the poisons of leftism every day. But his reasoning can’t be followed if it can’t be found. Here, at the Kevin Jackson Network, we’re dedicated to free speech. And having our Twitter back would go a long way in restoring the much needed balance on social media.

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