New Covid Variant: Just Another Scam

You must appreciate the Left. The day after NFL cornerback Damar Hamblin fell to the turf with an almost certain Covid-vaccine-induced heart attack, the Biden administration tried selling the idea of a bigger badder covid coming.

The commercials ran the very same day where I live. Worse, the lead for the news that evening was how Hamblin’s heart attack reinforced the need for defibrillators. Defibrillators. Not that anybody vaccinated should get to his or her cardiologists and start looking for potential heart conditions.

Keep in mind that many Leftists were angry that some people theorized (rightfully) that Hamblin almost died due to the covid vaccine.

As for the new variants, poetic justice forced the vaxxers and their minions to report that the boosters don’t work against it. So in other words, we are potentially back to masks and lockdowns?

How bad must things be for vaxxers when they admit to the data point of vaccines not working in order to convince people of the danger of the new variant.

But is there a real danger?

Of course not, Silly. However, this new omicron variant is supposedly more communicable than old omicron.

In fact, the WHO actually issued warnings, urging airline passengers to return to the days of covering their faces with useless masks.

From Reuters:

Passengers should be advised to wear masks in high-risk settings such as long-haul flights, said the WHO’s senior emergency officer for Europe, Catherine Smallwood, adding: “this should be a recommendation issued to passengers arriving from anywhere where there is widespread COVID-19 transmission”.

XBB.1.5 – the most transmissible Omicron subvariant detected so far – accounted for 27.6% of COVID-19 cases in the United States for the week ended Jan. 7, health officials have said.

It was unclear if XBB.1.5 would cause its own wave of global infections. Current vaccines continue to protect against severe symptoms, hospitalization and death, experts say.

I’m not sure how they can determine that, given that one doesn’t necessarily know if they have Covid. Remember, you can have asymptomatic Covid; the only disease of its kind.

So be sure to test, Or NOT. Because those tests provide results as reliable as a report from your crackhead accountant, M. Bezel, CPA.



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