Chinese FORCED Biden to Delay Shooting Down Balloon

The Chinese compromised the Bidens. And that’s why they can fly a spy balloon all over America with immunity.

Ok, so we got word that the U.S. finally shot down the balloon. Sure; once it started over the Atlantic Ocean. Understand that the balloon had already gathered all the information the CCP needed. My bet is Xi gave Biden permission to shoot it down in order to help Biden save face.

Make no mistake about it, if Trump were president the media would certainly try to connect him to the Chinese in this latest insult to America. Democrats would be crying “China Collusion” while Adam Schiff and team would try to impeach Trump.

However with Biden, the Democrats and their minion media handle things differently. The irony: they provide cover for the Bidens, despite knowing that the Bidens have been bought by the Chinese.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the evidence that Hunter Biden himself provided in his laptop.

As for China, the alarm bell was sounded by many Republicans including RINO Romney about the Chinese. Yet, Barack Obama mocked Romney for saying China was the biggest threat to America, as far as world powers go. Perhaps Obama helped his demented VP and his crackhead son set up the business that now has America being politically molested by the Chinese spy balloon…

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Here’s what we know without a doubt.

China has thousands of spies who have been allowed into America, mostly by Leftist policies. Next, we know that Chinese spies run rampant in academia. They are brazen enough to steal secrets, almost openly on behalf of China.

Meanwhile, China is calling the balloon a “civilian unmanned airship” that was just flying around conducting weather research before it “accidentally” veered off course. Or, as Democrats like to say, “nothing to see here folks, look away!”.

We already know China violates all of America’s intellectual property and patent laws. Frankly, they’ve graduated to just out and out open theft of American technology.

Unfortunately, we also know that the Chinese have carefully infiltrated Democrats in our government.

Diane Feinstein was driven around for years by a Chinese spy. And Congressman (D-CA) Eric Swalwell dated a Chinese spy for the better part of a year. And these are only the stories we know about.

The reasons Democrats allow this treason align with two things: (1) their hatred of America, and (2) their protection of the royal family of crackheads. Sadly, Democrats will continue to accommodate these crimes because they don’t have enough pride in themselves to do any better.



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