Comey’s SHOCKING Admission: I Was a HORRIBLE FBI Director

Ironically the guy who wrote the book on “higher loyalty” now admits his team never had an ounce of loyalty, much less a higher one.

Just imagine if we had a way to convert backpedaling into green energy. We’d be golden in the age of the Durham report.

Now, Comey acknowledges his mistakes. “In complex investigations there’s always going to be mistakes. It doesn’t mean the FBI is incompetent, honest and independent.”

So, wait, did he just admit the FBI isn’t honest or independent? Because that’s exactly what I heard. But I’m not surprised, because every liar eventually slips up and admits something they meant to keep hidden.

Notice how agitated Comey seems when he says, “There’s nothing new in that report about the FBI. No new facts,” and then he repeats it. Again– is this guy listening to himself speak? He just admitted that we’ve known for three years that he was a horrible hack.

Comey later told Frank Buckley, “(Durham’s) got his analysis and his take on things, but after all this time, there’s nothing new,” Comey said. “So my reaction honestly is – an enormous waste of time and taxpayer money to give us a nothingburger.”

Wasted Money? Is He Serious??

I’m so confused right now. So, it was okay for Comey and the FBI to waste millions investigating a hoax? I still remember what I wrote the day Nancy Pelosi called off the Russian investigation officially:

Mueller Mishap

With a price tag exceeding $32 Million, democrats failed to find anything substantial to pin on the President. And while Pelosi was banking on a different outcome, she’s now ready to back down.

“Our constituents are tired of these fruitless investigations. They’re exiting the party. If we want to save this ship from sinking, we’ve got to change our strategy.” Pelosi preached.  She went on to suggest alternative uses for the millions wasted. In fact, Pelosi seemed to eat her own words at one point.

Recall when Trump announced a $500M increase in cancer research funding. Pelosi chimed in, criticizing the President. In fact, Pelosi called Trump’s number a drop in the bucket. However, today she acknowledged that $32M could have plumped up that drop.

Thirty-two million was just the price of the Mueller investigation alone. It didn’t include the investigating done by Congress before Mueller was enlisted to do a deep dive. Meanwhile, most estimates put the Durham report at $6.5 million over a four-year span.

Is Comey smart enough to do the math? Because in my algebraic experience, $32M > $6.5M, the little arrow meaning ‘greater than’.

A Higher Loyalty

Back to Comey’s book. When he wrote, “A Higher Loyalty,” Comey made the talk show rounds. His words were often quoted straight from the text. One such quote says, “This president is unethical, and untethered to truth and institutional values. His leadership is transactional, ego driven and about personal loyalty.”

Unethical, untethered to truth- sounds like Comey is self-reflecting more than he is criticizing a president.

Comey often characterized the crisis facing our country, “We are experiencing a dangerous time in our country, with a political environment where basic facts are disputed, fundamental truth is questioned, lying is normalized and unethical behavior is ignored, excused or rewarded.”

My grandmother once told me “when a man accuses you of cheating, it’s his guilty conscious talking.” I think the same can be said of Comey. For every accusation he passed out- Comey stood behind the scenes as the guilty party all along. Now, all he can say is “mistakes were made.”

Mistakes my ass! This was an all-out assault on America. War was declared. And for the record, we’ve yet to enter peace talks.


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