Biden Impeachment Strategy Exposed

and why Republicans are delaying it

The Republicans are finally playing the long game. But before I explain their strategy, I have good news and bad news; and then I have great news.

So let’s begin with the good news. America will get a new president soon. As I’ve foretold for months, Democrats are jettisoning their brain-dead weight.

Now the bad news. Kamala Harris will become America’s 47th president. And it’s no secret that Harris is worse than the braindead coup-appointed moron she would replace. Still, she will achieve what should be the unachievable in America.

Now the great news, Americanskis. The nation will return to greatness in the next presidential election. Because former President Donald Trump will serve his rightful second term.

For now, we must accept and enjoy the victories at hand as well as the victories forthcoming. A triumph long coming, when you consider how hard Leftists fought to keep a pathological lying creep who sold out the country in office.

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Returning to the good news, Joe Biden’s chickens have come home to roost. As The New York Post wrote of Biden,

His open-border policy is raising security alarms at the FBI and causing serious financial problems in cities run by fellow Democrats.

Beyond his policy failures, the president’s mental and physical declines are so pronounced that most voters don’t want him to seek a second term, including a majority of his own party.

These two things alone would make a sane person abandon post. But not Crazy Joe.

Believe it or not, Joe Biden actually thinks he matters. An untrained chimpanzee could have performed better than the placeholder president.

Along with wrecking the American and world economies, Biden engaged America in two regional wars. And while either of these war could escalate to global conflicts, Biden threatens a third war with Iran.

Ironically, we do have Biden to thank for something. Had he not funded Iran who then funded the terrorists, we would not have seen the anti-Semites to such a degree.

Biden actually caused Democrats to rethink the cheat.

So while Gavin Newsom hovers like a political voyeur, Democrats now plot openly to get rid of Biden. Thus, nobody will save Biden’s career this time. He will be impeached, and it’s only a matter of timing.

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Many Americans question why Biden’s impeachment hasn’t occurred sooner.

When you consider how quickly Democrats impeached Trump, you can’t help but question the delay with Biden. Never has there been more evidence against a person, than there is with Biden. In fact, the only more clear evidence involves the open cheating done by Democrats in the 2020 election.

When you consider how that turned out for Republicans, you understand why Republican voters lack faith in the process.

Everybody knows Democrats cheated in the 2020 elections. But they got away with it. So what’s to make us confident that Joe Biden won’t get away with it?

Answer: the Democrats. Democrats know they can’t pull off another cheat with Biden as their champion. The polls prove it. But can they achieve it with another candidate? Regardless of the answer, they are forced to try.

Why delay?

Republicans could have started the impeachment process much sooner. Perhaps they have taken a page from the Democrats’ playbook and dragged things out intentionally.

By delaying going after Biden, Republicans force serious Democrat candidates to wait it out. The potential battle between black Democrats and Gavin Newsom over the nomination won’t help. Because undoubtedly Democrats plan to skip over Kamala Harris for Gavin Newsom. The optics of choosing the slick white male huckster over the black chick doesn’t play well.

While this plays out, Democrats still must deal with dumping Biden without hurting the party. The man who got 81 million votes can’t be just tossed in the trash, despite his age. And let’s not forget their strategy around Bidenomics.

Although Bidenomics killed the American economy, Democrats sell it as a panacea. If they torpedo Biden, they torpedo themselves.

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Republicans should be smart enough to toss fuel on these Democrat fires. And the longer it drags out, the better.

The Democrats will have a primary. And more people will enter the fray. They will have a small amount of time to beat the hell out of each other. Meanwhile, Trump will solidify the Republicans by demoralizing the RINO class.

Republican contenders will continue dropping out, as Democrat candidates grow. That won’t look good for the Democrats.

Finally, as all this turmoil happens for Democrats, they will deal with the discovery of their lies. Lies about the Bidens, Trump, the 2020 election, the border invasion and much more.

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