BREAKING: Hunter and James Biden Subpoenaed

The Fall of the Bidens. That’s the book I’d write about the crooked Biden family. And with this new subpoena of multiple Biden family members, Americans may finally see justice served.

As CNN reported, what Rep James Comer hinted was coming, has arrived.

The House Oversight Committee subpoenaed Hunter and James Biden, President Joe Biden’s son and brother, the panel announced Wednesday, setting up a highly anticipated showdown as House Republicans continue to search for whether the President committed an impeachable offense in connection to his family’s foreign business dealings – a high bar they have yet to meet.

While we really need to get the kingpin, the House Republicans know that getting the underlings will eventually lead to “the big guy”. But as an insurance policy, Republicans added other names to the list.

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The article continues,

The Republican-led panel also said it had subpoenaed a business associate of the Biden family, Rob Walker, and requested voluntary interviews with a list of individuals including Sara Biden, James’ Biden’s wife, Hallie Biden, the widow of the president’s oldest son, Beau Biden who Hunter Biden was romantically involved with, and Tony Bobulinski, another business associate of the President’s son.

The Bidens may have their stories straight. But Rob Walker and Tony Bobulinski may offer different perceptions on things. Certainly Bobulinski will, given that Hunter Biden asked the Department of Justice to target Bobulinski.

Why now?

As I mentioned, Comer hinted on multiple media outlets that these subpoenas were forthcoming. Generally the misinformation team of the Left would run interference for the Biden. They would accuse Republicans of a witch hunt or offer some nonsensical explanation. However, this time I don’t anticipate the Democrats coming to the aid of the Bidens.

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The reason? Joe Biden is toast.

The gauntlet of protection no longer covers the Biden family. The only curiosity that remains for me is how do the Democrats keep the Biden stench off them?

The direct subpoenas of the Biden family members surprises many. A lot of Americans believe this should have occurred a long time ago. And the testimony gathered will lead to the ultimate impeachment of Joe Biden.

In a tepid show of defiance, the White House released a memo going the Republicans. Team Biden claims that Republicans are subpoenaing members of the Biden family to satisfy the red meat Republicans. White House spokesman Ian Sams wrote:

“With just over a week to go until House Republicans may again thrust the country into a harmful and chaotic government shutdown, the most extreme voices in their party like James Comer are trying to distract from their repeated failures to govern. Instead of using the power of Congress to pursue a partisan political smear campaign against the President and his family, extreme House Republicans should do their jobs.”

If America still exists, the Bidens will embarrass their family name and the Democrats who colluded with them.

Frankly, I can’t wait for a couple of things.

First, watching the transition by the media and other Leftist minions backtracking on their support of the Bidens. That crow-eating fiasco should not be missed.

Second, I anxiously await watching how crackhead Hunter handles questions by Congress. As Comer said, [pp] “We now have the actual evidence in the form of bank records.”

Think Hunter Biden can answer questions about 20 LLCs with multiple bank accounts? I feel confident in saying that Hunter will fold under pressure. I’d be willing to bet that Democrats have already explained how things will work in their relationship going forward. And it’s not good news.


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