Former CNN Host Unexpectedly Torpedoes Biden during Interview

Imagine the surprise of the CNN hosts when their former colleagues veered sharply from the narrative. How embarrassing.

Prior to the announcement of a new speaker, former Meet The Press host David Gregory was interviewed by Poppy Harlow regarding the Republicans impasse on electing one. But things didn’t go as planned.

And this interview is a sign of things to come, so don’t dismiss it.

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Gregory said,

The world is on fire. And we can’t seem to come to an agreement on a leader. It’s a real problem. I mean at the end of the week here with all this chaos among Republicans but much graver circumstances around the world.

I actually have my eye on Democrats. How long are Democrats going to stand by in the world of identity politics, and zero-sum politics, and not be part of any solution? We’ll see.

The world is on fire. What a statement to blast out of the blocks with.

Gregory caught an interception but scored for the wrong team. And while Gregory blasted Biden with his comment. What happened next was a bigger surprise. Gregory pivoted from Republicans to Democrats.

But it got worse, as Gregory exposes Democrats’ lack of leadership.

I think there’s more cards to be played before Democrats jump in. But I think people who don’t follow this day in and day out like we do, they’re looking up and they’re wondering whether Washington has the ability to do their job, to pass bills, pass legislation, make sure the government is funded, let alone play a role on the world stage which is what America is still expected to do.

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The key phrase had to do with what people follow.

Gregory is right in that people are wondering about Washington. And by Washington, he means people are wondering about Biden.

Without saying it, Gregory blamed Biden. How can we possibly be concerned about the Republicans looking for a new Speaker at the time, when the world burns. His words, not mine.

“The world is on fire”. That was Gregory’s first comment. And Biden struck the match and lit the fuse.

What of those “identity politics” and “zero-sum game” Gregory mentioned. David Gregory mentioning the obvious. Wow. He actually blamed the Democrats for being obsessed with identity politics. Yes, they are.

Moreover, those politics have encouraged worldwide anti-Semitism. I repeat, the world is on fire. Biden set the fire and Democrats continue pouring gasoline on it. Biden funded terror with $6 billion dollars to the world’s biggest sponsor of terror. And his hostage swap emboldened Hamas to take American hostages. A leader of Hamas mentioned Joe Biden’s willingness to pay for hostages is one of the main reasons they took them.

Joe Biden’s mistakes have consequences.

Over 1500 dead Israelis no longer need worry about Biden, because Biden’s mistakes have consequences. Thousands more live in anguish of a worthless President of the United States. Biden’s foreign policy has been a disaster. A war now wages where Trump had negotiated peace.

The CNN host alluded to the question, “How many more people must die” due to Biden’s failures. Thank God, Biden’s time playing president ends soon. The world is on fire, David Gregory. And that’s why Biden is doomed.

I’ve written many articles on his pending and imminent demise. Democrats have begun jockeying for Biden’s spot, though none of them will win it. The Oval Office belongs to Trump. And American will happily welcome him back.

But with the triumphant return of Trump comes the demise of not just Biden, but the Democrats in general. I know I speak for millions of Americans who can’t wait to see this Party of Chaos go down. That way, conservatives can put the fire out.



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