Republicans Send Criminal Referrals for Bidens

I have little trust in Republicans, but today marks a good and necessary first step. The Republican-led committees leading an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden referred Hunter and James Biden to the Department of Justice.

Soon the Bidens will learn how it feels to pay dozens of high-priced lawyers to fight multiple cases. The only difference between the Bidens and the Trumps is the Bidens are actually guilty.

The House recommended that Hunter and James Biden be charged with making false statements to Congress during their respective closed-door interviews earlier this year. The referrals lays out the Republicans’ case for why the DOJ should pursue criminal charges of Hunter and James Biden. Given that Attorney General Merrick Garland and special counsel David Weiss essentially work for the Bidens, one must believe that the Republicans’ case is iron-clad.

Will this pressure Joe Biden to drop out of the race?

If Biden were smart, he would drop out of the race and do all he can to disappear. Because his insistence on sticking around doesn’t help him or the Democrats. Further, I believe most Americans suspect (ok, know) that Joe Biden received funds from his all his family members.

But Merrick Garland remains a wild card. A referral obligates federal prosecutors in no way. It only serves as a recommendation that the Justice Department investigate and look at charging the individuals in question. And we’ve all seen the dual-system of justice at play where Democrats go free for heinous crimes.

As could be the case with almost everything the Republicans have offered, the letter from House Oversight Chair James Comer, House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan and House Ways and Means Chair Jason Smith may be largely symbolic at present.

The Justice Department confirmed that it had received the referrals. According to the Republican lawmakers, two false statements were made by Hunter Biden during his February 28 deposition. Further, one false statement wa may by James Biden during his February 21 interview with congressional investigators. Proof of these allegations were based on documents Republicans voted to release from IRS whistleblowers last month.

Given all the crimes that Hunter Biden appears to have committed, these referrals indeed seem symbolic. Particularly given the recent indications by Comer that they have more receipts that indict the Biden clan.

Is this a test for Biden’s crooked DOJ?

Let’s hope Republicans are smart enough to set traps for Biden’s DOJ. And again, if they are waiting for an October surprise, then all is forgiven. But for now I choose not to get my hopes up.

Hunter Biden’s attorney Abbe Lowell said in a statement that the referral “is nothing more than a desperate attempt by Republicans to twist Hunter’s testimony so they can distract from their failed impeachment inquiry and interfere with his trial.” So far James Biden has not been reached for comment.

Republicans allege Hunter Biden “falsely distanced himself” from his involvement with a corporate entity that received millions of dollars from foreign individuals, specifically Rosemont Seneca Bohai. They also claim he testified on an “entirely fictitious account” when asked about alleged text messages where he used his father as leverage to pressure a Chinese company into paying him.

Joe Biden continues to deny any involvement with his family members’ businesses. Nor was he involved or present when his son sent the text messages.

Reminiscent to Hunter’s testimony in his gun case, he testified to Congress that he was “drunk and probably high” when he sent the messages, and his father was not sitting next to him.

Things are no better for James Biden.

The Biden family is broke. And James Biden is the most broke. If the referral serves only as a legal nuisance to the Biden, I’m fine with this. Burn their cash, as they have burned ours and Trumps.

Regarding the case against James Biden, Republicans say his testimony that Joe Biden, as a private citizen, did not meet with Biden family business associate Tony Bobulinski, has been contradicted by Bobulinski and Hunter Biden.

Why lie? House Speaker Mike Johnson called on the DOJ to act immediately.

“If the Attorney General wishes to demonstrate he is not running a two-tiered system of justice and targeting the President’s political opponents, he will open criminal investigations into James and Hunter Biden,” the Louisiana Republican said.

In a statement accompanying the criminal referrals, Comer said,

“We’ve caught President Biden’s son and brother making blatant lies to Congress in what appears to be a concerted effort to hide Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s schemes.”

Perhaps the best evidence against the Bidens came from House Ways and Means Chairman Smith, whose committee produced the documents that Republicans are using to allege the men made false statements. He said that “the IRS whistleblowers have provided indisputable evidence that Hunter Biden broke the law and lied to Congress during his February deposition.”

Democrats reacted predictably.

Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, blasted the criminal referrals. He commented that the referrals illustrate the “spectacular failure and collapse” of the Republican-led impeachment inquiry into the president.

“The Chairmen’s 60-page letter is a last-ditch effort to distract from the exoneration of President Biden by offering ‘gotcha’ accusations against the President’s son and brother based on their efforts to recollect years-old financial transactions, text messages, and conversations in the course of this interminable fishing expedition.”

Let’s hope the Republicans actually do more than just send strong-worded letters, and act. The public has tired of the games.

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