Trump's Amazing Debate Strategy

What debate strategy would you recommend for President Trump? I would advise him to just show up and let Biden be Biden.

We’ve seen what Democrats do when we give them rope. They hang themselves. Look at how Alvin Bragg’s case worked out for them.

After the sham verdict, Trump raised more money in one day in May that the Biden campaign raised all month. A whopping $53 million in a day. At this point, Trump must be hoping for an arrest. Imagine what that would do to his fundraising?!

The “Convicted Felon Strategy” failed so miserably, Democrats have all but abandoned it. And with good reason.

On my radio show, I spoke on the upcoming debate. I commented that Trump accepting the debate terms amounted to him saying essentially, “Fix this thing anyway you want, because Biden can’t beat me!”

Democrat strategist Jon Meacham called what Biden required “child-proofing” the debate. Perhaps. But the child-proofing was for Biden, not Trump.

Trump is in the driver’s seat.

Even Bill Maher conceded that Biden isn’t winning in the polls if he’s down significantly with almost every demographics.

Blacks, youth, Latinos, even women have all abandoned Biden in significant enough numbers to cause massive concern for Team Biden. Understand that Democrats didn’t even want Biden to debate Trump not long ago. They’ve gone from attempting to ignore Trump to moving the debate up to its earliest date in history.

Democrats hope the debate will solve his image problem, a problem acknowledged by former MSNBC host Brian Stelter.

Well, Biden’s image problem won’t go away, because it can’t go away. Biden is old and feeble. No New York Fashion Week makeover will change this.

Thus, Democrats’ only strategy is to attack Trump and his supporters.

Again, huge backfire to challenge people who are plugged in and fed up. The MAGA crowd is bigger than support for Trump, but support for the American Way. Trump is the tool for MAGA to will put Leftism on the chopping block. This debate will be one more step in ridding the U.S. of leftism.

Trump’s Debate Strategy? I think Trump must do these things.

First, he must remind Americans that he got it ALL right. The border invasion, fentanyl, human trafficking, COVID cures, the economy, and much more.

Second, remind Americans that Biden is a big fat liar referencing all of the above and more.

Trump’s record on all the issues mentioned is second to none. He was attacked on the border and called a xenophobe, but he held firm. Democrats fought him at every turn, refusing to build the wall or address illegal immigration properly. Still Trump prevailed, and got the invasion down to a trickle.

Joe Biden made a mess of the border, and if Trump only picked this one issue, it would be a hydra of additional ones.

The uptick in crime, the strain on America’s welfare system, education system, and much more all caused by the 9 million-plus illegals Biden allowed to invade the country.

Add to this inflation, which Biden lied by saying he inherited 9 percent inflation, the fake jobs reports, COVID lockdowns, and Biden family corruption, and this debate could last a week.

Theme for Trump: I was right, and the man who targeted me with lawfare was wrong and is corrupt.

Trump must not go on any tangents.

When asked about election integrity, Trump must stick to his guns. Explain that in every battleground state they have found massive cheating. WARN that his team is watching and waiting so that he will not be cheated out of this election.

Trump should goad Biden on his health. Ask him questions like, “Have you ever actually done push-ups after challenging people to do them?” Then challenge Biden to do some then and there.

Trump should drive home the fact that he won’t take a cognitive exam. He should tell Biden that not admitting he’s wacko puts the country at risk due to his dementia, and point to his policies.

For those who want to worry about the debate, ask this question: “Who’s more vulnerable, Trump or Biden?”

Trump’s record is stellar, despite Team Biden spin. Most Americans know that they lived better and cheaper under Trump. They were happier and felt safer too.

Also, Trump should refer to Biden’s slogan of “Bringing decency to the White House”.

I suggest he use my quip,

“If Biden brought decency to the White House then she was either Hunter’s prostitute or his cocaine dealer, because there is nothing decent about the Bidens”

Then remind Americans about the previous debate with these questions.

“Joe, in one of our debates in 2020, you said that nobody in your family took money from foreign countries, was that true?”

“You said you never interacted with people from your son’s (and your) business, is that true?”

“Joe, when I’m president I plan to prove that you are ‘the big guy’, so why not just admit it now?”

A few licks to solidify the Black vote.

Trump should discuss the 2-tier justice system that allows his corrupt son to walk the streets on gun charges. The same system that has Americans in jail but allows illegals to go free for the same crimes, because Biden wants those illegal votes.

And what of Biden’s collusion with complicit Attorneys Generals to invent charges on him? Explain the lawfare Biden currently uses to hamstring his political opponent, while claiming to “save the democracy”.

Finally, challenge Biden to hold a rally. Ask him why nobody shows up to his events, and why he doesn’t get out more to meet the people. After all, a man who supposedly got 81 million votes should be able to get more than a few hundred people to an event.

Easy peasy for Trump

If Trump does what he usually does, he will win easily. Answer straight and to the point in the first 5-7 seconds. Then beat up Biden with his own words or policies.

Sadly for Biden, no amount of debate advice or debate strategy will help him.

Yes, it’s really that simple!

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