BRILLIANT: Trump's Silence is Deafening on Joe Biden

How about that Trump “strategery”? The man has every opportunity to kick a braindead horse while it’s down, but Trump has gone radio-silent on Old Joe.

As Matt Vespa of Town Hall noted of Trump:

He’s allowing the bonfire to consume the Democratic Party. There’s little else the former president can do to increase the damage that’s already done to the Left. Trump allowed Biden to speak, which was the right strategic move. It accentuated Biden’s lingering issues concerning age and competency, which has led us to this behind-the-scenes campaign to purge the president.

The Biden debate meltdown currently consumes all the media oxygen. And to his credit, Trump isn’t opening a window. Political maturity? Perhaps.

No doubt the Trump of 2024 is very different from the Trump of 2016 or 2020. The 2024 version of Trump is undoubtedly “new and improved”.

How many ways could Trump have sucked the life out of the Biden story; too many to count. But he allowed the story to burn. That said, the story would have continued to a large degree regardless. Because Biden is finished.

I predicted Biden’s demise a while back, however the only thing I got wrong was when Democrats would kick Biden to the curb.

I guessed that Democrats would jettison their dead weight in Jan/Feb timeframe. This would have given them more time to cultivate another loser to Trump. But The Party of Lynching allowed gave Biden more rope. And unfortunately for them, he hung himself.

What drove Democrats’ decision to act? The potential for an October surprise. I wrote not long ago:

I believe Republicans have chosen to table their information on Joe Biden. However, if Biden stays in the race, they will lower the boom on him. In October.

Just how pregnant with Joe Biden will Democrats want to get? Frankly, I think they are ready for an abortion; not of the baby, but of Biden.

I can’t imagine that Democrats don’t know of Biden’s grift and other crooked activities, just as they know of his dementia. If there were any time for Democrats to pile on “Old Joe” and remind him of his crimes, the time is now.

Biden just issued a communique stating that he will not resign and plans on going to end and beating Trump. For me, this proves Biden’s dementia. But that’s his and the Democrats’ problem. For now.

Trump’s silence paying dividends

Biden’s problems have allowed for no discussion of Trump’s court cases or the drone of “convicted felon” by Leftists. He both silenced and neutered them. Ironically, despite all that the Left have thrown at Trump, he prevails.

The multiple indictments were meant to tie Trump up in court and limit his ability to campaign. Massive fail. Further, the indictments were supposed to keep Trump in negative light in the media. Again, massive fail. Trump has gained in popularity, and his fundraising is through the roof. Frankly, I’m anxious to get the June report, as well as the fundraising that occurred right after the debate, two tell-tale signs of things to come for the Democrats in November.

Post-debate, the focus has shifted solidly to Joe Biden and the conspiracy to hide his health and mental acuity.

David Strom wrote of the cabal:

Can you imagine being Jill Biden and reading this paragraph in New York Magazine? Or Karine Jean-Pierre? Or almost anybody in the Democrat establishment?

Who was actually in charge? Nobody knew. But surely someone was in charge? And surely there must be a plan, since surely this situation could not endure? I heard these questions posed at cocktail parties on the coasts but also at MAGA rallies in Middle America. There emerged a comical overlap between the beliefs of the nation’s most elite liberal Biden supporters and the beliefs of the most rabid and conspiratorial supporters of former President Trump. Resistance or QAnon, they shared a grand theory of America in 2024: There has to be a secret group of high-level government leaders who control Biden and who will soon set into motion their plan to replace Biden as the Democratic presidential nominee. Nothing else made sense. They were in full agreement.


The article, by New York’s Washington correspondent Olivia Nuzzi, dropped at 2 P.M. on July 4th. It was timed to be read, digested, and talked about in the hours before the President of the United States sat down with Bill Clinton’s former spokesman and now ABC’s premier political reporter, George Stephanopoulos.

The interview is a last-ditch effort to save Joe Biden’s campaign for a second term, and the White House didn’t need an article titled “The Conspiracy of Silence to Protect Joe Biden, The president’s mental decline was like a dark family secret for many elite supporters” to hit the proverbial newsstands hours before this critical interview.

One conspiracy uncovered, so what’s next?

Biden’s imminent departure represents a blow to him, Democrats, and the elites who actually run the country. And Donald Trump can be credited with dismantling the most powerful cabal in the world. A group that picks world leaders, while making citizens believe their votes count.

Indeed, Trump’s silence is deafening. But not just about Biden. The silence of Trump allows people to reconsider many things Democrats called conspiracies.

The 2020 election, J6, Covid lockdowns, the DOJ, climate change, and so on. And once this silent period ends, Trump’s voice will sound like a he’s speaking through a megaphone. His message will be loud and clear, as he soon will have full authority to drain the swamp.





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