BREAKING: Did Hillary Clinton Have a Nervous Breakdown?

Rumors have surfaced that Hillary Clinton may be having a nervous breakdown.

In this video we posted yesterday, Clinton appears to lose eye control. Shortly after this event, she canceled her posh fundraiser in North Carolina scheduled for the same day, mere minutes down the road from where she was. However it’s was worse than we thought, as one of our researchers discovered this about Hillary Clinton’s schedule.

Interesting fact….I just searched Hillary Clinton’s rally events scheduled between September 20 – October 19 – She has ONE scheduled. The rest of the events are fundraisers and the schedule doesn’t list her as a speaker at any of the fundraisers. Trump has FOUR rallies scheduled between September 20-22!!!! 

There are many questions about her health, and admittedly I’m no expert. However I am a realist.

I recently posted that Hillary Clinton needed Secret Service to help her up TWO steps at this very rally. What healthy person needs help up two steps? And the secret service man had a vice grip on Clinton’s left hand.

Hillary Clinton helped up stairs

I further predicted that Hillary Clinton would not be able to cover up her illness, and would eventually melt down.

Further rumors are the DNC is scrambling, as potential replacements for Clinton are being sought. The Democrats have a major problem here, as Sanders remains a sock puppet for Hillary Clinton, and doesn’t appear to want to be president any longer.

No matter who the Democrats choose, their dilemma remains that they have positioned Hillary Clinton as the best and only choice. Remember, her coronation began four years ago, and the DNC has the emails to prove it.

As for Hillary Clinton’s health, regardless of what you think about the eye movements and the potential for conspiracy theories, Clinton is ill. The Left won’t be able to hide this much longer, and it will vindicate all the “conspirators.”

Worse yet, the health cover-up will reveal to America what we already know about Democrats. They are crooked to their black cores.

Expect lots more on this to surface over the next few days.

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