IRAN NUKE DEAL: Trump’s Next International Showdown [VIDEO]

IRAN NUKE DEAL: Trump’s Next International Showdown [VIDEO]

Like NAFTA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and about any other deal Leftist politicians have negotiated, President Trump now has the Iran nuclear deal in his sights.

In trade, America runs the largest deficit of any country. It’s been that way for some time, and as you might expect, increased dramatically under Obama. So what would make us believe that America has any advantage in any deals made by him?

In his 8 years as president, Obama made no attempts to even the playing field in trade, and defense was no different.

Recall that then-candidate Trump created controversy by dare saying the NATO nations needed to pay their fair share? Imagine something so logical being received as so egregious by the Left.

Since President Trump finds himself in the international spotlight with Syria, Afghanistan and North Korea when it comes to deals, Iran finally finds itself in the spotlight, as well.

As NBC reports,

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said late Tuesday that the Trump administration is weighing whether to effectively break the terms of the Iran nuclear deal, while certifying that the Islamic nation is upholding terms of the landmark 2015 agreement.

The administration is looking at whether to continue lifting sanctions the Obama administration agreed to under the nuclear deal negotiated by six world powers.

Tillerson said in a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan that “Iran remains a leading state sponsor of terror through many platforms and methods.”

The six powers that negotiated the 2015 deal — the U.S., China, Russia, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, with involvement from the European Union — set aside Iran’s alleged support for terrorism in order to get a deal guaranteeing that Iran would not be able to build a nuclear weapon for a decade and would remain under the eye of United Nations weapons inspectors.

Assad found Donald Trump to be an interesting and unpredictable negotiator.

As for ISIS, Trump’s approach was a bit more emphatic. “F*ck you! Strong memo to follow!”

Although Kim Jong-un continues to bluster, I feel secure saying the world hedges its bets on Trump. Bill Clinton allowed North Korea to acquire nuclear weapons, but it will likely be Trump who stops their program thus creating a safer Asia. Ironically, this involves China.

This is where this next round of foreign policy gets more intriguing. We witness China’s defection from Russia in the recent vote on Syria. And, that relationship may now be tested again.

As with Obama’s agreement with Syria, Trump enforced it. Those who support Trump’s bombing of Syria claim that Obama likely would have done the same thing, however, many Americans disagree. Moreover, many citizens of the world disagree.

Trump’s action in Syria put North Korea and now Iran on notice. However, it’s not just the military action that will get this done; it’s our new partner. China.

I predict that Russia will soon follow suit.

When the two largest superpowers in both military and GDP partner, the world must follow. President Obama’s negotiation with Iran will hint of military consequences. But, there will be no denying his use of the American and now the Chinese economies.



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