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Democrats Worried as More Trouble Looms for Mueller

You won’t see a news story about this, but Democrats fear 2019.

Democrats know that 2019 will be their worse year in politics in history. And that’s saying a lot, given their vile history. So, in case you’re wondering if Democrats are worried about their future, consider this.

At a time when they keep saying the other shoe is about to fall for Trump, Trump shut down the government. That’s not the action of a man looking for an olive branch. In fact, I suggest to Democrats that President Trump taunts them openly.

Trump called Democrat leadership to the White House and he had the press present. After Pelosi claims she and Schumer tried to talk sense into Trump, he openly defied them. When pressed by Schumer over the government shutdown, President Trump declare he would happily shut the government down over illegal immigration and building the wall.

What a shock this must have been for the two knucklehead Democrats who believed they would “show him”.

Then Trump called them out for wanting to take the negotiations private. Thus, if there ever was a bargaining chip, Trump missed it. He could have accepted the private meeting, then asked Pelosi and Schumer to call off the dogs. That’s how you play ball in DC.

But Trump didn’t.

In that meeting at the Oval Office between Trump and the two top Democrats, he changed the game. Trump clearly was the alpha dog who publicly pissed all over Nancy and Chuck. Now, they are his property.

So where is the threat to Trump? With all that is looming according to Democrats, one would think they would have pulled their “trump” card and used it. Instead we enter Week Two of the 22nd government shutdown, and Trump remains defiant as ever.

I’m no master negotiator, but I would be fearful that Trump seems to have none of the Democrats. I’m reminded of when people have challenged me in the streets, and I have not a single instinct in my body to run. The only thing I know is to stand and fight.

Back to the meeting.

If there was a time for Democrats to take back their power, that meeting provided it. President Trump gave them ample opportunity. When the cameras went off, the threats should have flown.

When pressed on why she didn’t want to openly continue the discussion, Pelosi commented that she didn’t want to embarrass the president by showcasing his lack of knowledge on issues.

Since when?! When Democrats can make Republicans look stupid, they seize the moment 100 percent of the time. I would say that Pelosi (and Schumer) were afraid of was looking stupid themselves, but that ship had sailed. But what I do know from what didn’t happen is the Democrats exhausted their ammunition.

Consider what’s at stake.

President Trump will be the man who actually solves illegal immigration into America. This doesn’t bode well for the Democrats who rely on illegals for manipulating the census, as well as elections.

Next, after Trump addresses the wall, he will tackle the issue of those here illegally now. Trump will save DACA, Trumpian style. This will be issue #2 that Democrats have owned, but get snatched away by Trump.

And what of the unions? They have pretended to fight both against and for illegals, as the Democrats manipulated their ranks. But for President Trump, solving this low-wage crisis brings many more union members to his side of the argument.

Then what about drugs, human-trafficking, gang violence, and the economy, other by-products of a lax immigration system flooded by illegals? Needless to say, Trump will lay waste to much of these, as he has started.

Finally, what can Trump then focus on? The legal immigration system. Because he will have dealt with comprehensive immigration reform.

Mueller looms.

The last report I read had Mueller releasing his “findings” some time in summer. Recently Mueller extended the Grand Jury. But the question is for whom.

The chief federal judge in Washington has extended the term of the grand jury used by special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

That’s according to a court spokeswoman who wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter by name and spoke on condition of anonymity. The extension by U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell is the latest sign that the Mueller probe will continue for at least the next several months.

The grand jury was impaneled in July 2017 for a standard 18-month term and was set to expire this week before Howell’s extension. Federal criminal procedure rules allow such extensions when a judge determines it is in the public interest. The extension can only last up to six months.

I see this as a six-month reprieve where Mueller better come up with real evidence. Or he may face the executioner himself.

Understand that Mueller and his Democrat handlers now find themselves under fire. We wrote of the Russians now suing.

The three Russians in question control Alfa Bank in their homeland. Supposedly the dossier discussed the existence of tapes whereby the Trump organization was linked to Alfa Bank. Moreover, this information was said to exist on a computer within the Trump organization.

That story fell apart when the computer IP address was found to originate from a spam server in Philadelphia. Some surmise that any link between Alfa Bank and Trump was merely coincidental, as Alfa Bank employees stayed at Trump properties. In layman’s terms, the Russians were spammed.

In their treachery to get Trump, Democrats dragged the reputations of the Russians through the mud. So now the three men are suing.

Already that lawsuit yields amazing insights. Essentially the information gathered thus far proves yet again that the Steele dossier was completely bogus. What was formerly well-founded conjecture is now proven.

How pathetic are the actions of the Democrats?

But the Russian aren’t the only problem for Mueller. As it turns out, Jerome Corsi may turn out to be the hair of the dog that bit Mueller.

We explained recently,

Author and Trump supporter Jerome Corsi is suing Robert Mueller for $350 million.

Recently, Mueller asked a judge to delay the proceedings, citing the government shutdown.

Unfortunately for Mueller, he didn’t make the case. Instead, the Judge ordered the lawsuit to continue.

Corsi has an undeniably strong case against Mueller, who is accused of prosecutorial misconduct, leaking confidential information to the press, and last but not least, unconstitutional surveillance.

As CNBC elaborates:

Government attorneys had argued in a United States district court filing Wednesday that the ongoing government shutdown hamstrung their lawyers by cutting off funding to the Justice Department.

“Absent an appropriation, Department of Justice attorneys are generally prohibited from working, even on a voluntary basis, except in very limited circumstances,” they claimed in the filing in Washington, D.C., District Court.

A lawyer for Corsi, 72, retorted that the request for a delay was being “proffered tactically,” and asserted that “it is highly doubtful” DOJ attorneys “are actually prohibited from working.”

Judge Richard Leon denied the request for a stay in proceedings, and reaffirmed that a hearing will be held in a Washington, D.C. courthouse next Thursday at 3 p.m. ET.

Show me where the holes in my logic are.

Trump continues to push his agenda. Meanwhile, over the last two years Democrats have reported on how scared Trump is. I have NEVER seen Trump look scared in the least. In fact, I’ve only seen resolve you rarely see in the toughest men I know, and certainly not Republicans.

2019 will be the year the Democrat dogs catch the car. And that doesn’t end well for the gods.




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