Biden Investigation Purposely Hidden Before Election

It’s funny how politicians always want to hide the truth, especially when an election is looming. It seems to be a bi-partisan character flaw.

Clearly, helping voters make informed decisions isn’t the priority. But it never has been. Now, we learn a federal prosecutor examining Hunter Biden’s taxes decided to sit on the investigation, waiting until the election passed before seeking warrants.

As such, the public was shielded from both the probe and the ability to decide whether the “big guy” was involved in whatever scandal was unfolding.

As Fox News explains:

Delaware’s U.S. Attorney David Weiss began his probe into the president’s son in 2018, but decided last summer to hold off on seeking warrants or issuing grand jury subpoenas in a bid to not alert the public during an election cycle, Politico reported Friday.

“It was a close call,” one anonymous person who is familiar with the investigation told the outlet. “That case has way more credibility now.”

We know Trump is an incredible leader. He undoubtedly worked to make America better than ever. But he clearly struggled to surround himself with loyal, not to mention moral people. Swamp rats infested the administration. Sadly, Weiss illustrates my point completely.

Weiss is a Republican who was appointed to his position on a permanent basis by former President Donald Trump in 2018 on the recommendation of Delaware’s two Democratic senators.

Weiss began investigating Biden’s business dealings with China and Ukraine in 2018, as well as possible money laundering. He then turned his attention to whether Biden paid taxes on all of his income, Politico reported.

By the time investigators were ready to issue grand jury subpoenas and search warrants, election season was in full swing and Weiss reportedly feared the public knowing about the investigation and it would become politicized.

News of the investigation didn’t roll out until December, after Captain Demento pulled off the Big Cheat. Well, Biden didn’t exactly pull it off, his mind is too far gone for an operation that intricate. But he’s the figure head of the ass clowns.

Cheater Cheaters

Let me save us all a little time. Of course Hunter Biden didn’t pay taxes on all of his income. We’re still learning new sources of Biden’s cash pipeline.

As Kevin Jackson recently wrote,

In yet another slap in the face to America, we learn that Hunter Biden has another highly profitable endeavor: art.

If you didn’t know that Hunter Biden was an artist, don’t sweat it. Because neither did Hunter Biden. Or anybody else for that matter. But when there is potentially millions of dollars for “the big guy” involved, Hunter has carte blanche on how he “earns” for the family.

For all we know , this so-called art is a collection of paper plates finger painted by room full of toddlers. Yet, one can bet Biden sells this art for godly sums. And the icing on the cake- the White House is shielding those buyers from any and all public scrutiny.

Let’s see. What kind of adjectives can we throw at this?

Corrupt. Shady. Nefarious. Crooked. Unethical. FRAUDULENT. To name a few. And Obama’s former ethics guy realizes it was well.

As Kevin Jackson put it:

Shaub is right. The Bidens are upfront about everything except the people purchasing the art. Because if we learned who these people are, we could easily see how the Biden family may be laundering money.

And if Biden is laundering money, you can bet your ass he didn’t include any of it on his 1040 this year. Or any year. But eventually, Biden will be busted. And I’m willing to bet it will happen when dear old Dad accidentally spills the beans.

I can hear the speech now. A heckler will bring up the President’s unruly son. And Biden will respond with a boast. It will go something like this. “And Hunter, he got those paper plates sold for a cool million dollars a pop. That’s when I told him he could count on me to hold up my end of the bargain.”


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