Trump-Loving Kids Prank Biden

When Joe Biden showed up at a Pennsylvania Fire Department on 9/11, he was undoubtedly looking for a photo op. And thanks to some pretty bright youngsters, Biden got more than he bargained for.

I’m suddenly reminded of that old saying, “from the mouths of babes.” It serves to remind us that children often possess a wisdom beyond their years.

Interestingly enough, the phrase actually originated in the Old Testament. And it rings quite true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve learned something by simply listening to a child. If only Biden were smart enough to do his own listening, these children could definitely impart some much-needed wisdom.

In fact, somebody needs to identify the parents of these kiddos, and send them a congratulatory card for raising the kind of kids who stand up for what’s right. That’s exactly what happened when three clearly Trump supporters posed for a picture with the president.

The Daily Mail tweeted the situation:

That’s what Kevin Jackson would call “skank-slapping hilarious.” Notice the boy to Biden’s left. His red T-shirt dons the face of Donald Trump with just two words: “Be Back.” To Biden’s right, one girl sports a red hat that says “Trump,” while another girl shows off the ever popular “Make America Great Again” slogan. If I were a betting woman, I’d bet Donald Trump had that picture framed for his desk, so he could enjoy it every single day.

Of course, Biden tried to play it off as a show of unity, but we all know what he would’ve really said, if Biden could remember his thoughts.

I rank this right up there next to Joy Villa’s Trump dress. Villa shocked the Grammy’s when she wore a Make America Great Again dress in honor of Donald Trump.

We posted an article as the dress was unveiled, and social media lit up. Of course, this was before Facebook and Twitter declared an all-out war against conservatives.

Many people loved what Villa did:

And they complimented her bravery. Of course, others didn’t take so kindly to Villa’s statement. She even received death threats for her loyalty to Trump.

Sadly, there was a time when Trump was magnifique célébrité. Then Hollywood turned their backs on Trump. Thus, leftists lacking braincells blindly followed the Hollywood trend. But in the end, their hate did only one thing. Aid in the destruction of America.

Biden’s Blunders

Biden’s blunders have become a daily feature for the Kevin Jackson Network. Because we have no shortage of material. Every single day he either makes a gaff, acts like a fool, or implements a destructive policy that leaves our country in ruins. And that’s not even including the Afghanistan fiasco. Biden has no business in the White House. It’s a matter of so much fact that even the children are screaming MAGA.


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