Nine Thousand Americans Left in Afghanistan

Biden's Most Embarrassing Blunder to Date

Joe Biden embarrassed the United States and his fake administration when he allowed the Taliban to publicly sodomize him. The fallout of the worst evacuation in history left 9,000 Americans running for their lives in that Third World sh*thole.

At the time, here’s what was reported by CNN:

The US has evacuated about 9,000 people since Kabul fell, White House official says

As the crisis continues in Afghanistan, the United States has evacuated 9,000 people since Kabul fell, White House communications director Kate Bedingfield told CNN.

“The President is laser-focused” on getting Americans and Afghans out of the country, she said Friday. “This is an incredibly violent and chaotic scene on the ground. It’s dangerous for our troops who are there working to get people out. So we are trying to move quickly. As the Pentagon would say, speed is safety. And we’re working to get people out as quickly as possible.”

In the meantime, the US is talking to the Taliban to “facilitate safe passage to the airport” but it remains unclear how many Americans still remain in Afghanistan, Bedingfield said.

President Biden “does feel a moral obligation” toward Afghan allies looking to flee the country in fear of persecution, she added.

“The President has committed, we will get every American who wants to get out, out of Afghanistan and we are working to move as many of our allies who helped us, who stood by us, who helped our servicemen and women get out as soon as possible,” she told CNN.

Of course, Biden’s “commitment” never resonated as “authentic,” especially considering who Biden left behind.

In fact, Biden’s betrayal turned out to be far worse than we imagined. Not only did he leave behind Americans alongside those who supported Americans, but Biden left behind a man that saved his life!

As we reported at the time:

Thirteen years ago, Joe Biden was the unimpressive Vice President of the United States. He and two other senators were flying over Afghanistan in a helicopter when a snowstorm forced them to land. That’s when the interpreter known as “Mohammed” stepped in and saved Biden’s sorry ass. Do you think the President made sure Mohammed made his way to safety?

Of course not. Which is why Mohammed is now begging the president not to forget him.

Paper Trail Tragedy

Unfortunately, Mohammed faces a senseless situation in which paperwork, or a lack thereof, left him in dire straits.

Mohammed’s visa application became stuck after the defense contractor he worked for lost the records he needed for his application, Mr. Genthe said. Then the Taliban seized Kabul on Aug. 15. Like thousands of others, Mohammed said he tried his luck by going to the Kabul airport gates, where he was rebuffed by U.S. forces. Mohammed could get in, they told him, but not his wife or their children.

Army veterans called lawmakers and issued dire appeals to U.S. officials for help. “If you can only help one Afghan, choose [Mohammed],” wrote Shawn O’Brien, an Army combat veteran who worked with him in Afghanistan in 2008. “He earned it.”

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I can’t say much for Joe Biden.

I wouldn’t even want him to clean the dog poo out of my back yard. Because dogs smell a coward a mile away. But I can say this. If Trump were president, Mohammed would be sitting safely inside the United States right now.

There’s no way #45 would leave one of our allies on the ground. Nor would he leave a single American. For all the leftists who aided in the coup that put Biden in office, let that truly sink in.

Biden broke every promise he made. He didn’t get our people out. He didn’t get our allies out. In fact, he didn’t even get the man who saved him out. Talk about a quid pro quo.

Luckily for Mohammed, some Americans weren’t going to leave Biden’s pledge unanswered. Thus, Mohammad Aman Khalili and Brian Genthe, the Purple Heart veteran who helped him flee, both arrived on US soil recently. Khalili dedicated thirteen years of his life to working for American forces. And Biden left him behind.

Now, the attention shifts to the thousands of Americans still stuck in Afghanistan. Recall, we were originally told the number was between 100 and 150.

Note that CNN got their information from the White House. So that information is about as reliable as Wuflu vaccination death stats.

But now we get more verification. This time from the Pentagon. Horrifically, Biden left 9,000 Americans scrambling for their lives. Funny how that number keeps popping up. First, we rescued 9,000, and now we left 9,000. I wonder if those numbers were just transposed from the get-go. Of course, now that we have a number, expect Team Demento to do a bit of back-patting for their “saving lives”. Heck, I’m waiting for Biden to invite Mohammed to the White House for dinner, where he will tell everyone all about his personal rescue mission to save his long, lost friend.

Who knows how many Americans remain in Afghanistan. If anybody does know, it’s the Taliban.


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