Father of 8 Deported to Mexico

All 8 kids were born in America

I admire the Left for their fake news narratives regarding lawbreakers. And one poster child for Leftism involves a father of 8 who got deported.

As NBC Los Angeles reported,

A family with eight American children who were living in squalor in a car in Tijuana say they are victims of deportation.

I’m sure you caught the language: “victims of deportation”. And what about the description of his anchor babies, or what the article declares are “American children”?

Not surprisingly, we aren’t even told that the father of the “family” entered America illegally. Worse, he fathered 8 children while here; clearly taking advantage of the Leftist interpretation of the 14th Amendment.

I’d love for Leftists to tell me exactly how many children we should take care of when illegals jump across the border to have their anchor babies? Further, what makes a child being born on American soil by foreigners–particularly criminal foreigners–legitimate Americans?

Is an American child born in another country while his or her mother is on vacation a citizen of that country?

That makes no sense on any level. The only way anybody would call that situation “citizenship” is if they hate their own country. You know…a sh*thole country.

The story continues,

Neighbors reported the car in the Libertad neighborhood, where the family took refuge from the sun and tried to stay united despite the economic difficulties resulting from the deportation.

“I was deported, they [the children] came to be with me and the thing is that we were with an aunt and we are no longer able to stay there,” Jesús Noriega, father of the eight children, told Telemundo 20.

So it’s America’s fault that this man enters the country illegally, and for quite some time. He managed to have 8 children in our country, so he’s surely been here at least 8 years; likely more. And what level of care did he provide these children? Apparently, Noriega was such a good parent, the family needed to live with another family member (his sister), in order to stay together. Oh, and let’s not forget the American taxpayers who carried the brunt of the costs.

What about Mexican charity?

The articles explains,

Residents in the area could hardly believe the conditions in which these eight children lived with their parents, who confirmed that they lived in that small car for three weeks.

“There were a lot of clothes, a lot of things inside, and the two people [Mom and Dad] were asleep, the children were not, the children were playing inside in the car,” said Alejandro Aguilar, a worker in the Libertad neighborhood.

Even those who passed by say they tried to help them because they saw how dirty the car was.

“I went to a store and bought soda, but when I got back, the car the car was gone,” Alejandro Aguilar said.

Meanwhile, organizations such as the El Desayunador Salesiano, which serves about 800 breakfasts in Tijuana to homeless and migrant people, highlighted seeing an increase in their facilities, many of them American.

“Perhaps by keeping a family together they ended up in the streets, because from what we understand is that they were united, yes, they did not want to separate,” said Claudia Portela, general administrator of Proyecto Salesiano Tijuana A.C.

GOOD! Mexico has a welfare system, right?

Why don’t migrants STOP AND STAY in Mexico? Perhaps because their welfare isn’t as PROFITABLE as America’s? All I know is that when President Trump was in charge, stay in Mexico was the golden rule.

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