Is Fetterman Brain Dead?

Would it surprise anyone in America to learn that John Fetterman is brain dead?

Former NYPD Police Officer John Cardillo sparked controversy when he tweeted that Fetterman may very well be “brain dead”.

Being told that Fetterman is essentially brain dead and it’s being hidden because keeping him in office until August 18th avoids a special election which Republicans would most certainly win.

This must be investigated.

Cardillo is factually wrong about what happens if Fetterman is brain dead. According to Pennsylvania law, the governor of PA would appoint an interim Senator who would serve until the time of a special election.

Let’s be clear: Cardillo knows no more than we do. So Fetterman may be alive, though certainly not well. After all, he checked himself into the hospital for depression. Subsequently, I read that his wife has taken the children away from their home. Has she abandoned him for the sake of the children? Again, who knows.

What we do know

I wrote this of Fetterman earlier this month:

You know a Leftist is depressed when he checks himself in!

Recall that about a month into his job, the most critical period for freshman senators to adjust to life on Capitol Hill, Fetterman was hospitalized after “feeling lightheaded”. This occurred during a Senate Democratic retreat on February 8. I repeat, during a retreat! A time for relaxation and fellowship.

The hospital released him two days later. I’m sure on the advice of “experts”. Then Fetterman appeared at Biden’s State of the Union where he looked like the least likely person to ever serve as a senator.

Now we find him back in the hospital. This time for depression.

Depression is common in stroke survivors, and it can be dangerous

Post-stroke depression (PSD) is common, with studies estimating it affects about one in every three people in the year after their stroke. In other words: they knew this was coming.

So not only did Democrats know that Fetterman was incapacitated, they knew that he would likely have a stroke. And here’s a relevant statistic: the rate of depression after a stroke is at least three times higher than the rate of depression in the general population.

Dr. Bruce Ovbiagele, a professor of neurology at the University of California, San Francisco, told Insider that it’s “highly likely” Fetterman’s depression diagnosis is “related to the stroke.”

Worse news is that other complications will likely occur now that Fetterman has admitted to being depressed.

But it’s not all bad, right? After all, Democrats won that Senate seat, and that’s what matters. To hell with the people of Pennsylvania and the United States. If America can deal with a demented president, how will one Senator matter in the grand scheme of things?

Are the rumors true?

Democrats knew that Fetterman presented a wild card. But they cheated him into office anyway. Now, they must deal with the potential embarrassment of Conservatives being right. I can only imagine how much that pains Democrats to admit that we were right.

They did Pennsylvania and America a disservice even presenting Fetterman as a candidate. The man was a horrible mayor of Braddock, PA, and thus undeserved to move ahead politically.

I repeat; I have no idea how Fetterman is doing. Frankly, I hope the man heals and comes out of his depression or vegetative state unscathed. But regardless of the state of his health, I don’t expect Fetterman to get better. His malady is rooted in his ideology, which doesn’t allow for healing, mind, body, or spirit.




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