The Biden Team Meltdown Escalates

While Democrats continue their fire sale of “Convicted Felon”, I’d be willing to bet that most of them would trade places with the Republicans as the Biden team meltdown escalates.

What must it feel like to wake up knowing that Joe Biden is the leader of your party. I know as an American, it’s scary as hell.

Biden debate performance garnered the top media spot since the debate occurred. And now the post-debate meltdown of Democrats dominates all media. But should it?

Few people are surprised by the debate outcome. I mean, Biden’s mental health has been no secret, despite Democrat protestations to the contrary. Most of America and the world knows that Biden is unfit for duty. The debate highlighted that fact, yet Democrats act surprised.

We’ve since learned that Democrats knew of Biden’s dementia. But their hatred of Trump and more so their hatred of being wrong wouldn’t allow them to admit they were wrong.

Still, Team Biden wants to milk a bad debate performance for all it’s worth. Check out the fundraising email the Biden campaign sent out after the debate:


Team Biden released the propaganda in hopes of deflecting from Biden. No, not Biden’s performance at the debate, because that was predictable for the casual observer. The real problem is Biden.

Imagine trying to sell people on the idea that while Biden may slip up publicly, privately the man is a physical ninja and a mental Mensa. The idea is so ridiculous, even SNL ridiculed it.

My favorite line in this sketch:

“I saw him grab a dollar off the top of the backboard and leave some change.”

Post-debate the Leftist lies continue about Biden. I’m sure Biden has moments of lucidity, however he has lots of moments of fog. And according to a leak to Axio, Biden can only function between 10 am and 4 pm. MSN reported:

According to a report by Axios, citing aides inside the White House, “From 10 AM to 4 PM, Biden is dependably engaged—and many of his public events in front of cameras are held within those hours.”

Biden is more prone to verbal miscues and fatigue outside of that timeframe, or when travelling abroad, aides told Axios.

A six-hour window to work?

Outside of these hours Biden is “more prone to verbal miscues and fatigue”? What does he do with changes in time zones?

Laughably, Biden’s operating hours is one of the reasons given for his poor debate performance. Can you imagine Biden having to make a difficult decision at say, 8 o’clock PM, a time that is outside his “competency time zone”?

This certainly gives new life to Hillary Clinton’s, “Who do you want answering the phone at 3am?” Not Joe Biden, that’s for sure.

But just when you think things can’t get worse for Biden, they released information about polling. And while I dismiss all Biden-sponsored polling, Ben Jacobs nailed it:

Democrats defecting…

Democrats started defecting a while back. As Vox reported,

Four Democratic lawmakers in West Virginia, Louisiana, and North Carolina switched parties recently. Should Democrats worry?

As The Daily Mail observed:

A second sitting Democrat has turned on President Joe Biden – saying he’s actually ‘OK’ if Donald Trump wins in November.

Maine Democratic Rep. Jared Golden, 41, is now saying that he expects Trump to win after Biden’s terrible debate performance.

Big name Democrats are openly asking Biden to step down. Time posted on a few of the people willing to publicly denounce Biden. But you can expect this list to grow daily, particularly as Biden gets more media time.

Consider the pressure on Biden.

It’s bad enough to be president and in a battle for your second term, even with massive media and DOJ support. But for Biden, the eyes of the world now fixate on him. Also, we listen to his every word. The level of scrutiny of Biden rose 1000 percent based on his performance.

If he were a mentally healthy person, then so what he’s under the microscope. But since Biden is far from mentally fit, his brain will be scrambled even more. The more he tries to not show his dementia, the more it will manifest.



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