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Syrian Crisis Just Another Genocide On a Long List Under Democratic Presidents

The Muslim Brotherhood In America Is Just ISIS In A Suit

Paris Band’s Shameless Promotion

You’ve Gotta Be Kidding: You Pick the True Story

Diversity: Wackademia About to Get Taste of Its Own Medicine

Democrats Are Really Dead Broke

Corruption with Democrats is Considered Standard Operation Procedure

Let’s All Convert to Islam and Really Piss Off the Left

Six-Year Old Mentally Handicapped Syrian Refugee Left For Dead in Turkey

Student Assaults Teacher Proving Students Are Not Wrong

Think Hillary Clinton Can’t Sing

Significant Rise in Deaths From Terrorism in the Time of Obama

Reagan’s Star Wars Program vs Obama’s Fight Against ISIS

Black Student at Columbia University Claims Reading Books About Whites Traumatized Her

Will Trump Kick The Crap Out Of The UN Too?

Refugees and Gov’t Waiting Lines

Obama’s Syrian Strategy: Bombing Nothing

Multiculturalism: Muslims and Black Liberals

Should This Guy Run Against Hillary?

FBI Director: ISIS “Chaotic Spider Web” Now in All 50 States

Helping America’s Children First

Obama Compares Himself to NFL QB Great in GQ Article


Obama-Sanctioned Violence by Muslims

An Inside Look at Syria and Muslims

Cute Little French Boy Talks about Paris Attacks

More Tea, Anyone?

Autistic Employee Gets Great Reaction from Employee

What Happened When Australians Turned in Their Guns?

Obama’s ‘War of Errors’

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