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Elizabeth Warren: Worst Potential VP for Clinton

Judge Makes Liberals Get Training

Kate Steinle’s Parents Sue Braindead Morons of San Francisco

A Memorial Day Video Sure to Warm Your Heart

Trump and the Middle East Devastation

Susan Sarandon Gives Hope to Smut Industry

Mexico Scared of Getting Trumped

Latino Lives Matter

ObamaCare and Gay Men

Young Austrian Patriots Fight Liberalism

Elizabeth Warren Profited Off Claiming Indian to Take Advantage of Poor

Illogical Defines Obama’s Refugee Resettlement Program

Federal Judge Seals Clinton Email Video

Trump Sanders Debate Not Good for Clinton

Acting SFPD Chief: Racism Almost Stopped Me

Here’s What America Would Look Like Under Another Democrat

Roots: The Obama Era Version

Senator Tom Cotton Destroys Harry Reid

Voter ID Upheld: Black Liberals Aren’t as Stupid as Democrats Suggested

Democrats: Acting like sprayed roaches

What if Meat Eaters Talked like This?

The Clintons Give Clinic In Exploiting Black People

Joe Biden: I’ve Never Been Gainfully Employed

Can You ID the Instigator?

Why Capitalism Always Defeats the Blood-Sucking Leftist Leeches

The Ferguson Effect: Shocking Crime Stats for Braindead Moronic Leftists

Facebook Bans “NOT Gay” Page Staff

Cops to Beyonce: Get Black Lives Matter to Provide Security

Why Obama Follows Porn Stars

Huffington Post Showcases Liberal Definition of Diversity

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