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Democrat Convention: Where Killing Cops is Condoned

Socialism Pays: Bernie Sanders Promised a Plane to Quit

Democrat Convention Mayhem

WikiLeaks: Interesting List of DNC Emails by Category

WikiLeak: Democrats Reward Top Donors

Crooked Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gone

DNC Leak: How Democrats REALLY Feel About Latinos

Democrats: World’s Most Successful Hate Group

Michael Jackson: King of Porn?

Democrats Biggest Fear Realized

Hotties: Final Frontier of Discrimination

Nice Attack: You Knew It Was Muslims

Inmates Save Guard: Parker County Jail

Political Discourse: Why the Chicken Crossed the Road

Next Generation: Civil Rights Icons of BLM

Man Who Assaulted Police Officer Is Admitted Terrorist

Hillary Supporters : Voter Shenanigans

Another BLM Shooting in Baltimore

Obama’s Teleprompter Travails Over Trump

Only A Moron Would Support Hillary Clinton

Turkish Coup: Remember When Foreign Policy Worked

2016 Olympics Still An Embarrassment to Obama

Race Pimp and Founder of Hate Group Deray McKesson Arrested

Beyonce: Dangerous to Blacks

How People of Dallas Really Feel About Police [Video]

Farrakhan Chastises the Black Community [Video]

All Lives Matter Trumps Racist Black Lives Matter

Remember Laquan McDonald: Shot Dead by Police in Chicago?

Gov’t Puts Ankle Bracelet on Prosthetic Leg of Criminal?

American Liberal: Decades of Torture

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