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Trump Transfers Authority to DESTROY ISIS to Secretary of Defense ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis [VIDEO]

BOOK: Obama considered being homosexual as a young man

Former Obama Administration Official Hid $175 Million In University Slush Fund

Twitter Goes WILD Over DEATH PENALTY for Atheism in Saudi Arabia [VIDEO]

LATEST EXTORTION EXPOSED: Clinton Foundation Threatens Son of Prime Minister

Political Correctness KILLING ESPN: The Leftist Sports Network [VIDEO]

Bill Nye: Mechanical Engineer-Turned-Climate-Change-Crackpot

PROMINENT Leftist Teaches Children There are NO MALES OR FEMALES [VIDEO]

ANTIFA Terrorist Punches Reporter Then Watch What Happens! [VIDEO]

Iranian Spy Booted and Obama Holdover Booted from Trump Administration

BREAKING: Protesters Storm Heritage Foundation to Protest Trump’s Budget

BREAKING: Judge Blocks Trump’s Order Removing Federal Funding from Sanctuary Cities

Iraq’s Wild Pigs Get Even With ISIS in Turf War

BEATINGS AND ROBBERIES: California BART Passengers Get What They Voted For

Could a Barbecue Really End the Terrorist Threat?

Black Lives Matter: The TERRORIST BLM PROM DRESS The Left Happily Embraces

OUCH: Even Leftists Wants Chelsea Clinton To Just “GO AWAY”

CNN Mortified over Latest Developments on President Trump

WRATH OF TRUMP: U.S. Forces Bomb the SH*T Out of ISIS AGAIN!

DEMS STRUGGLE: Two BIG NAMES REMOVED from 2020 Presidential List [VIDEO]

Despite Media Reports: Trump Kicking LEFTIST BUTTS

70s TV Sitcom Happy Days Star Dead at the Age of 56

Earth Day Co-Founder Killed and Composted His Girlfriend


Meet the GAY FEMINIST SELLOUT Who Threatened the GOP

ISIS Takes Credit for MURDER of Russian Intelligence Agents

The University of Chicago to Allow Black Terrorist to Speak

American Airlines Worker ACCEPTS Passenger’s Challenge to Fight [VIDEO]

ALERT: Duke University Hosts Radical Anti-Trump Islamist

FLAKKA: The Drug Every American Should Know About

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