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LEFTISTS’ LATEST CLAIM: 6-Month-Old Babies are Racists [VIDEO]

COST FOR WHITES $27,000: University Gives Black People ANOTHER STUPID PRIVILEGE

CHANGING TIMES: Universities SLAM Two Black Obama Staffers

TRUMP EFFECT: Former Obama Staffer CANCELED to Speak at University

INSERT LAUGH HERE: CRAZY REASON California School Faces Budget Cuts

LEFTIST EDUCATION SYSTEM Creates 18-Year-Old 9th Grade Rapists

College ‘Diversity Council’ Posts FAKE Racist Flyers

Ridiculous College Snowflake Experience Caught on Camera

Stupid Leftists LOVE PEOPLE THEY HATE in Blind Test

DESPICABLE: Look at NONSENSE Universities Teach about 9/11

The President Trump Media Event The Media Covered Up

BREAKING: New York City High School Evacuated Amid Bomb Threat

Leftist Academic SURPRISED After Assaulting Conservative Students

Bush Daughter to Headline Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

College Finds CLEVER Way to Shame White Students

School Children CHEER As Obama Legacy Literally Trashed

Professors Paid $1,000 to Teach ANTI-TRUMP Workshops

Colleg Under Fire: Student Suspended for Being Pro-Trump

Tucker Carlson SMOKED This Berkeley Radical

SERIOUSLY Islamic Studies Prof Teaches Consent NOT NECESSARY for Lawful Sex (video)

TN Teacher: ‘The only good Trump supporter is a dead Trump supporter’

Leftist ‘Fight Club’ Trains COLLEGE SNOWFLAKES to Fight Republicans

MMA Fighter Helps Save Trump Supporter Beaten at Berkeley (video)

President Trump Sends HARDCORE message to Berkeley

Trump OBLITERATES Part of Michelle Obama Legacy

Washington University Offers a Class on Kanye West

Campus Security Takes New Twist

White Company Receives $2.3 Million in Reparations

Want to Be Taught by an ‘Actual Communist’? Go to Drexel University

College Students Demand Diversity Training For Whites to Graduate?!?!

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