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Mark Cuban: Hillary Clinton’s Racist Sexist Billionaire

Stand Up To Cancer: How Conservatives Lose the Culture Battle

Hillary Clinton: Late Night Talk Show Grim Reaper

Left Loses a Late-Night Comedic Hack

Hillary Clinton: BET Awards New Plantation Overseer

Susan Sarandon Feeling the Trump?

Roots: The Obama Era Version

Hillary Clinton dogged by Hollywood Elitist

Black Hollyweirdo Fights Bernie Fans Over Hillary Clinton

Something to Offend Everyone on the Left

Black Actors In Spat Over #OscarsSoWhite

A Hollywood Backfire

Hollywood Wars: White vs Black

Leftist comedian making fun of Trump supporter

In Honor of the Black Oscars: Hoodie Awards

Why Obama and Clinton Should Be In Jail

Terror Group Boko Haram Reached A Milestone Liberals Can Appreciate

Hollywood Superstar Pardoned by CA Governor

Celebrities Anti-Matter

Chi-Raq: Black Liberals’ Dirty Laundry

Why Liberals Don’t Want You to See “Beast of No Nation”

Donald Trump Props Up Saturday Night Live

Rewriting James Bond

Political Artist Sabo Interviewed

Matt Damon: Gay Actors Should Stay in the Closet

Letter from Robin Williams Explains “Wackademia”

White Feminist Attacked by Fellow Leftists

You Won’t Believe How Hollywood Sets the Narrative!

As If Rosie Couldn’t Get ANY Worse…

Matthew McConaughey’s Wife In Court?

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