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Move by Putin May Make Kim Jong-un Take President Trump Seriously

MEDIA PISSED: President Trump Obtains GODLIKE Status in the Middle East [VIDEO]

Putin Debuts ‘FATHER OF ALL BOMBS’ in Defiance of President Trump [VIDEO]

EMBARRASSING FAIL: North Korea Missile Launch Fails Immediately

BREAKING: U.S Planning an Easter Weekend Airstrike? [VIDEO]

China SUSPENDS FLIGHTS into North Korea: What does China Know?

DEFCON1: IS Kim Jong-Un of North Korea DECLARING WAR?

BREAKING: After Meeting with Trump CHINA THREATENS To Bomb North Korea [VIDEO]

BREAKING FROM WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton Advised Overthrow of Assad

Remember When Obama DOCUMENTED His Incompetence on Syria [VIDEO]

SHOCK: CNN Didn’t Expect This Syrian Refugee to SAY THIS About Trump

WikiLeaks: Obama and Hillary ISSUED STAND DOWN ORDER in Benghazi

LEFTIST MYTH BUSTED: Saddam moved WMDs to Syria

AWESOME DISPLAY: President Trump Steps in Where Obama Failed in Syria [VIDEO]

BOYCOTT SUCCESS: Starbucks BEGS Conservatives to Come Back

WATCH: Texas Soldier Stands in Pouring Rain to Salute Funeral of Veteran

Ex-Sniper TAKES OUT NEIGHBOR’S Home Intruder [VIDEO]

General Mattis More Aligned With Obama Than President Trump

Real Hollywood Hero Recognized with Army’s Highest Civilian Award

TRUMP WARNS NORTH KOREA: Tests LETHAL Electromagnetic Railgun

3 US Soldiers GUNNED DOWN in Afghanistan ‘insider attack’

Squatters Took Over Veteran’s Home And Then Karma Kicked In

PATHETIC: VA Removes President Trump’s Picture

ALERT: Obama Allowed Critical Shortages of 9mm Ammo to Law Enforcement


Widow of Navy SEAL Taya Kyle SLAMS Michael Moore [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Trump Spotted With INFLUENTIAL Russian Military Leader

READY TO LAUGH: Video of Iran’s ELITE “Special” Forces in Action

BREAKING: President Trump’s Navy Secretary Nominee Withdraws

Iran Flaunts New Missiles: U.S. Military Releases Video That Leaves Iran BREATHLESS

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