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Reagan’s Star Wars Program vs Obama’s Fight Against ISIS

Obama’s Syrian Strategy: Bombing Nothing


Hillary Clinton: Marine Story Worthy of Brian Williams

Obama Pushing Us Toward World War III

Did U.S. Bomb Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan?

Obama’s Syrian Training Program Bust

PC Police: Cops I Care Nothing About

Restaurant Does This to a Former Marine

Americans Save the French Derrieres…Again

What These Bikers Did for a Fallen Veteran is Amazing

What Would Happen if Hillary Clinton Were a Marine

USMC Massacre in Chattanooga: Obama Shun’s Our Finest

America: The Great Muslim Suck-Up Nation

Nothing to See Here: Obama’s “Racial Databases”

Budget Cuts Blamed For Chattanooga Attack While GOP Defense Budget At Risk of Obama Veto

Military Expected to Fight for Our Freedom, But Not for Their Own Lives

What Flag Comes Down in the TN Shooting?


Emasculating our military too!

Gov. Abbott Signs $800M Border Security Package Into Law 

ISIS is to Defensive as Obama is to Competent

Pentagon says ‘live anthrax’ inadvertently shipped across US

ISIS: Obama Best American President Ever

CAIR Doesn’t Think Our US Military Should Be honored on Memorial Day 

11-Year-Old Boy Held Salute For One Hour On This Beach, Who Joins Him At 5:02? Beautiful!

Three Vets SOUND OFF On ISIS Take Over Of Ramadi

ISIS Seizes Ramadi But WH Announces Obama Is On Twitter?! 

VIDEO: Megyn Kelly Reminds Us of The American Blood Spilled On Ramadi Streets

Army Weighs if Green Beret HERO Should Be Dismissed

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