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White House Reporter Makes MAJOR BLUNDER on Trump


WATCH As #NotMyPresidentsDay Protester Gets SURPRISE OF HER LIFE

Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters PUNKED by Russian Comedian (video)

Holy Moly: Look at How BADLY These Leftist Transformations Turn Out

Obama DHS Awards $400,000 to Crazed Trump-Bashing Organizer Before Leaving Office

Muslim FRAUD Claims President Trump Killed His Mother

Man Jumps Into Tiger Enclosure Then Surprise Happens (video)

Libs Hire FAKE RACIST Trump Supporter to Test “The Trump Effect”

EPIC RANT! Two Italian Goombas OBLITERATE Hollywood Leftists

MUST WATCH: The Only Women’s March Video You Need To See

Woman Kicked Off Plane for Harassing Trump Supporter (video)

Chris Matthews Calls President Trump’s Speech “Hitlerian”

Trump to Macy’s: How’s that Hillary Clinton Line Working for You?

When President Trump Reads Obama’s Emails

Hollyweirdos Say Their Farewells with their Obama Memorable Moments

Pin the Tail on the Jackass: Obama Awards Himself for Distinguished Public Service

Real Housewives Meets Islam and It’s Hysterical

Trump Fans Cause Tweet Seizures

More Evidence: Putin Openly Hacks Democrats

Berlin Terrorist Killed: Liberals Have a New Pathetic Hero

Trump Election Win and the New Language of Conservatism

Interesting Timing: Fed Interest Rate Hike

The Trump Cabinet and the Noteworthy Omissions

CIA Claims Russia Tried to Help Trump Win the Election

Time Magazine: Person of the Year Insult to Donald Trump

Anderson Cooper Confronts White Supremacist Elizabeth Warren

Man Loses It Over Trump Election

Zuckerberg’s Facebook: Fake News Heaven

Obama Puts ObamaCare Up For Adoption

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