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Satire & Irony

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Backfire: Think The Clintons Are Popular?

Obama on Christianity vs Islam

Muslim Terrorist Worked in…Security

Israel Needs Gorillas

Dream Scholarships Offered To Syrians Instead Of Americans

ObamaCare and Gay Men

Surgical Hope for Hillary Clinton

John McCain and the Meth Lab?

Facebook Targets Bernie Sanders

China Takes Tough Stance on LGBT

In Jail 36 Years for Stealing His Own Tools

Education in America: Meet Tyrone

Democrats More Out of Touch Than Republicans

How Black Lives Matter Partners With the KKK

Leftist Will Corrupt Anything

State Department Warns Stupid Americans

Global Climate Change: This is a Wild Weather Scene

Cornel West Asks a Simple Question No Liberal Wants to Answer

Subway Pitchman Jared Fogle Beaten in Prison

Cruz Threatened by Illicit Sex Allegations

Hysterical: Hillary Clinton Has Gone Hollywood!

$71,000 Fighting A Speeding Ticket?

Black TV Hosts Says She’s Being Silenced

Something to Offend Everyone on the Left

I’m Black So I Automatically Win the Lottery?

A Reason Obama Cried?

This Singer Didn’t Expect THIS When He Passed the Mic!

How Can John Kerry Say This and Not Be Jailed?

Trump Said This of Candidates Who Skipped Debates

Black Democrats Have a Serious Problem With Hillary Clinton

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