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Satire & Irony

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Anderson Cooper Confronts White Supremacist Elizabeth Warren

Man Loses It Over Trump Election

Zuckerberg’s Facebook: Fake News Heaven

Obama Puts ObamaCare Up For Adoption

Donald Trump: Brutal Takedown of Liberal Social Elite

Atlanta Man Killed: Joked About Voting for Trump

Liberals Diagnosed with TARD: Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder

Makers of BleachBit Have Product Dedicated to Hillary Clinton

The Men Who Tried to Save Hillary Clinton’s Big White Buttocks

Hillary Clinton Infected from Weiner Leaks

Weiner Filed Emails Under “Life Insurance”

Former Clinton Foundation CEO Seeks Asylum with Russia?

Restricting Air Conditioners in the Name of ‘Climate Change’

Trump’s Groping: It’s Worse Than Imagined

Trump Plays Family Feud and Questioned About Woman’s Body

Bill Clinton: Why So Angry at Ken Bone

Climate Farce: Rename Weather and Other Natural Occurrences

Bill Clinton: Fondles Flight Attendant on Camera

Government: Spending $1 Billion of Your Money to Make Obama Seem Smarter

Hillary Clinton: The Scripted Candidate

James Brown Estate Should Sue Hillary Clinton

Anti-Trump Latino Activist Arrested

Lil Wayne: Racism Over

This is a Sneaky Hostage Rescue (video)

Hillary Clinton Emails: Meet Her Black Scapegoat

Hillary Clinton Writes Letter Thanking WTC Terrorist El Sayyid Nosair

Hillary Clinton’s Intelligence Briefing

Bill Clinton’s Racism Problem

More Hillary Clinton Blame Game

Truth About the Lochte Lie

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