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Satire & Irony

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Bill Nye the Science Hack Gets DESTROYED

Woman Claims Assault: Triggered by Confederate Flag Rug (Video)

Texas Judge Suspended After Officials Find Out She’s Not a US Citizen

Marc Lamont Hill STUMPED: Can’t Name One Example of Right-Wing Rioters [VIDEO]

LEFTIST SILENCE: List of Times Obama DESERVED Impeachment

BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS RACIST Tells College Students to ‘Get in Trouble’

What’s Obama Really Think of Donald Trump? ‘He’s Nothing But a Bullsh–ter’

SHOCKER: Guess Who Barack Obama Idolized When He Attended Harvard

Famous Entertainer Broke: Pretends to Take Private Jet: Spotted on Commercial Airline

MEDIA SHOCK: Trump Dining Habit causes BRAIN DAMAGE to Leftists

Will Keith Olbermann Be Arrested for his latest rant? Some say YES!

NATURE TEACHES BORDER LESSON: Terrifying Helmet-Cam Footage Shows Bear Charging Mountain Bikers

Rosie O’Donnell’s Daughter Makes SHOCKING CLAIM in New Interview

BREAKING: Susan Rice DECLINES Senate Request to Testify on Russian Hacking

LIAR Rachel Maddow Describes Her Bizarre Phone Call With Donald Trump

Comedic Hack Stephen Colbert WOULD CRASH AND BURN Without President Trump for Ratings

Tomi Lahren Reaches Fast Settlement in Lawsuit Against Glenn Beck and The Blaze

Iranian Spy Booted and Obama Holdover Booted from Trump Administration

Chemotherapy: The Latest Form of Black Oppression

Meet the GAY FEMINIST SELLOUT Who Threatened the GOP

IDIOT: Olympic Gold Medalist Praises North Korea on Conquering Obesity

ALERT: Maxine Waters now RUNNING SCARED of President Trump [VIDEO]

PATHETIC: Refugees use multiple FAKE IDENTITIES to get benefits [VIDEO]

Black Muslim Woman’s IDIOTIC EXAMPLE of White Privilege

Russian Foreign Minister SLAMS MSNBC Leftist [VIDEO]

Redneck SCHOOLS Muslim-Loving Feminists on Freedom [VIDEO]

LEFTIST LIVID: Rachel Maddow Fans Accuse MSNBC Of Sexism

POT CALLS KETTLE BLACK: CNN Sued for 175 Counts of Racial Discrimination

Hillary Clinton Reminder of What Could Have Been

PSYCHIC PRESIDENT TRUMP Confounds Obama and other Leftists

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