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Google Has BIG SURPRISE Coming: $11.5 Million to Study Policing

FRAUD Filmmaker Jason Pollock SHOUTS DOWN Martha MacCallum

DESPERATION MOVE: Snoop Dogg SHOOTS President Trump in Music Video

THE OBAMA LEGACY OF HATE: Roving Black Teen Mobs Assault White Victims

Republican Pansies Allow Obama to Mastermind Phony Scandal

Congressional Black Caucus Democrats REFUSE TO FIRE Muslim Spies

UPDATE: Rachel Dolezal Changes Name to Nkechi Diallo [VIDEO]

Move Over KANYE: Another Rich Black Leftist Considers Presidential Run in 2020

Black Leftist Says Black Jurors Should Acquit Blacks of Killing White People

Racist Chuck Schumer DESPERATE For Blacks: Staff TOO White

DNC Election: What Democrats DON’T Want People to Know

Obama and Other Black Leftists Slap Civil Rights Movement in the FACE

Hollywood Privilege: ICONIC Actor Accuses Hollywood of Racist Double Standards

Rachel Dolezal: Jobless and Living on Food Stamps and Facing Eviction

White House Reporter Makes MAJOR BLUNDER on Trump

Two ILLEGALS Released From Prison Murder SANCTUARY CITY Citizens

College Finds CLEVER Way to Shame White Students

Black ESPN Reporter: Worst Racism Comes From Black People

Breaking: Routine Call Turns Into Deadly Ambush for Police

Congressional Black Caucus Introduces Bill: Tax People for Being White

Black Trump Supporter BLASTS Democrats on Sanctuary Cities [VIDEO]

WATCH: Immigrant PUMMELED by Leftists Protesting Trump Travel Order

CONUNDRUM: When Prominent Black Democrat Is ENDORSED by Klansman

DEMOCRAT Mayor Caught on Tape Calling Blacks ‘Chimps’ and Women THIS

Black Lives Matter Leader Calls White People “Subhuman”

NEGRO PLEASE: Obama Signed Bill BANNING Government Use of Word ‘Negro’

Senator Tim Scott Reads His Hate Mail: Dems Hate Blacks (VIDEO)

Black Trump Supporter: Heated Exchange on NYC Subway With Another Black Woman

Left Meltdown: Bona Fide White Supremacy EXPOSED in Super Bowl

BREAKING: Black Congress Members WON’T ALLOW Latino to Join

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