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Who Knew Wonder Woman Hated Black People

Leftist Colleges Training up New Generation of “Social Justice Warriors”

Democrat Tim Kaine: White People Need to be the Minority

Terrorist Group Spokesman: ‘Banning White Men Would Drastically Reduce Mass Shootings’

Muslim Driver Mows Down Group Walking [VIDEO]

John Kerry Costs Democrats the Black Vote with This Remark [Video]

Ted Cruz DEMOLISHES Harvard Professor in American History [VIDEO]

Black Lives Matter Professor BASHES TRUMP Then BOOM [VIDEO]

LeBron ‘King’ James: Big Black Whiny Obama Baby [VIDEO]

Stabbing Victim Says Portland Has a ‘WHITE SAVIOR COMPLEX’

Maxine Waters GOES BALLISTIC When Confronted By Constituent [VIDEO]

AL SHARPTON: Pimping the Black Vote Over the ‘ARCHIE BUNKER’ Vote


Discrimination: When you can’t BAN WHITE PEOPLE from Campus

MODERN SLAVERY: California Professor MOCKS BLACKS with Curl Event

NAACP RE-BRANDING: They Fired President and Want to go Thug Like #BLM

Democrat Pundit Bob Beckel FIRED FROM FOX After Racist Comment

BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS RACIST Tells College Students to ‘Get in Trouble’

EPIC: Maxine Waters BLIND-SIDED at Her Town Hall Meeting

SURVEY: Black College Students Prove Dumbest

Black Radio Host Shares How Obamacare IS Killing Black People

Elderly White Woman Slammed to Ground and Thrown in Pool [VIDEO]

Chemotherapy: The Latest Form of Black Oppression

LEFTISTS’ LATEST CLAIM: 6-Month-Old Babies are Racists [VIDEO]

COST FOR WHITES $27,000: University Gives Black People ANOTHER STUPID PRIVILEGE

INGENUITY: Man Breaks into House and Does the Unthinkable [VIDEO]

Black Muslim Woman’s IDIOTIC EXAMPLE of White Privilege

Fight For PARKING SPOT Leaves One Woman Stabbed [VIDEO]

Comedian Who Called Trump ‘WHITE ISIS’ to Host WH Correspondents’ Dinner [VIDEO]

LaVar Ball says ‘white guys’ comment was misunderstood: ‘I love those guys’

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