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BOLO: Pentagon Can’t Locate Missing Afghans

Subway Fogle Sues Parents of Victim

Contempt of Congress: Bryan Pagliano May Tighten the Noose Around Hillary Clinton’s Neck

Audience Laughs at Democrat Candidate’s Description of Hillary Clinton

BREAKING: Federal Building Evacuated Due to Suspicious Package

BLM Activist Darren Seals Shot and Burned in St Louis

Hillary Clinton: Healthier Than Trump’s Dead Horse

Colin Powell: Bill Clinton Womanizes

Charles Barkley: White People Not to Blame

Fun Begins: Trump Jumps Hillary Clinton in Latest Polls

Stand Up To Cancer: How Conservatives Lose the Culture Battle

Hillary Clinton Emails: Meet Her Black Scapegoat

Hillary Clinton Losing Popularity

Trump Exhausting Clinton Campaign Funds

Colin Kaepernick: Race-Pimping Hack

Feminism Loses Ground in Europe

Obama Vetoes Bill To Limit Benefits for Presidents

Pelosi: Uneducated White Males Are Sexist and Homophobic

Democrats Killed Another Cop

Democrat Convention: Where Killing Cops is Condoned

DNC Leak: How Democrats REALLY Feel About Latinos

Hillary Supporters : Voter Shenanigans

2016 Olympics Still An Embarrassment to Obama

Remember Laquan McDonald: Shot Dead by Police in Chicago?

Gov’t Puts Ankle Bracelet on Prosthetic Leg of Criminal?

American Liberal: Decades of Torture

NAACP Leader says Dallas Shooter Was Defenseless

Former CIA Director Pardon Tied to Comey

Hillary Clinton Is A Genitalian and Leads the Vagina Party

Race-Pimp Deray Lands Fat 6-Figure Job

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