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Refugees and Gov’t Waiting Lines

Obama Compares Himself to NFL QB Great in GQ Article

Update: Comedy Club Asked to Remove This Video on Hillary Clinton

Yale Students Whine about Tolerance

What Global Millennials Say is Their Top Challenge

Bombshell: Democrat Exposes Democrats’ Dirty Politics and Emails

Even Dogs Know How to Spot the Liberal

Crazy Biker Runs from Cops!

Hillary Clinton’s Magical Makeover

No Obama Politicized Gun Control Speech on This Mass Murder

Only Hillary Clinton Would Believe She Was a Good Sec’y of State

Funny Man Completely Destroys Feminism Using Feminists

Melissa Harris-Perry: Be Careful Using Term “Hard Worker”

The CNN Deception: Hillary’s Great, Trump is a Unifier, and Carson an Angry Black Male

Hours Into Benghazi Hearing, Democrats Send Email Asking For Donations to Rail Republicans

Rolling Stone Outs Hillary Clinton

Martin O’Malley Can Beat Hillary Clinton If He Does This

BLM Accosts LA Mayor

If Hillary Clinton is So Unbeatable, Why Do Old White People Keep Trying

Japanese Artist Facing Racism Charge for Cartoon of Muslim Refugee

How Many People Really Watched the Democrat Debate

Kevin Takes on Liberals on CNN

The Truth Behind BLM’s Political Agenda

Democrats & Child Porn: Two Peas in a Pod

Whose History are Your Kids Learning?

Stephen Colbert: Political Hack Posing as Comedian

A Few Rules for the Next GOP Speaker

Oregon Shooter Linked to ISIS?

NY Wants to Quarantine Street Performers

Bill Clinton Trying to Stay Out of Prison

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