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Why Stupid People Get Shot By Cops

Students Demand Sanctuary College Campus for Illegals

Obama the Hypocrite Stopped Muslim Refugees in 2011

Email Scandal: Interesting Polling for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s BIG Twitter Backfire!

Cuba: Where Democrats Go to Learn Democracy

DEVELOPING: Mexican Judge in Trump U Case IS a Racist

Hillary Clinton is About to Have Her Worst Week EVER!

These “Tolerant” Liberals Should Be Jailed

War Criminal at TSA: So What Say Liberals

Bernie or Bust: Hillary Clinton Desperation Like Toilet Paper on a Shoe

Has-Been Olbermann Comments on Trump

There’s A Reason People Don’t Discuss Socialism

Elizabeth Warren: Worst Potential VP for Clinton

Judge Makes Liberals Get Training

Elizabeth Warren Profited Off Claiming Indian to Take Advantage of Poor

What if Meat Eaters Talked like This?

Joe Biden: I’ve Never Been Gainfully Employed

Huffington Post Showcases Liberal Definition of Diversity

Sue the Fed: Sanctuary Cities Get People Killed

Democratic Elitists Are Feeling the Bern (video)

Hillary Clinton dogged by Hollywood Elitist

Trump Needs More “Bad Weeks”

New York Times Caught Lying About Trump

Let’s Compare American Atrocities to the Rest of the World

God is not part of the Hillary Clinton campaign

Elizabeth Warren Needs to Shut Her Anglo-Saxon Mouth

Black Lives Matter Threatens Trump

Obama Brags About Failed Legacy

Sharpton Race Hustling Again

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