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Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ Dementia Shows in Interviews [VIDEO]

Leftist Gone Wild: Meet Dolezal on STEROIDS [VIDEO]

Michael Brown Family Receives $1.5 Million from Ferguson

Bernie and Jane Sanders LAWYER UP: Sanders Under FBI Investigation

Breaking: Clinton’s Top Official is Next to Testify

Body of Federal Prosecutor of DNC WASHES UP on FL Beach

Hollywood Heavyweight SLAMS Democrats for Losses and Message

Gangster President Trump: Why 5-0 Is So Important

President Trump Silent as Mueller Picks anti-Trumpers

CNN’s Cuomo Creates New ACRONYM for Butt-Hurt Leftist Losers [VIDEO]

Trump Tweets 5-0: That’s What WINNING Looks Like

Black Activist Suspended from Teaching after Appearance on Fox News

Jon Ossoff: Anthony Weiner Reprise and Symbol of Democrats’ BIG Problem [VIDEO]

Michael Brown’s Family Gets Settlement from Ferguson

TRUMP MANDATE: Democrats Get Their Butts Kicked in GA

NYT Columnist Says ‘So-Called REAL Americans’ Are Screwing Up America

Hillary Clinton Supporter Puts ‘Black People’s Deaths’ over Otto Warmbier’s

Top 5 Most Stupid Leftist Comments of the Week June 11

WaPo Reporter Gives Out Sheriff Clarke’s Home Address

Videos of Top 5 Most Stupid Leftist Comments of the Week June 11

Seattle Gun and Ammo Taxes BACKFIRE BIG TIME

Happy Father’s Day 2017: A Toast to Those Who Give Feminists Penis-Envy

Old Bernie Tweet – Leftists Motivated (to kill) by Love [VIDEO]

Muslim Driver Mows Down Group Walking [VIDEO]


Democratic Strategist Urges Leftists to HUNT REPUBLICANS

Democrats Resort to WITCHCRAFT to Thwart Trump [VIDEO]

Nancy Pelosi BLAMES TRUMP for Violence Against Republicans [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Rachel Maddow ADMITS Trump Russia Collusion Possibly Fake News [VIDEO]

Watch Antifa Confront Black Man Who Decides He’d Had Enough [VIDEO]

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