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Jesse Jackson Jr: $138K Taxpayer Funding Goes to Convicted Felon and Race Pimp

White House Reporter Makes MAJOR BLUNDER on Trump

How Will Men SURVIVE: “A Day Without A Woman” Strike

Muslim Spies Who Worked For Democrats Stole $100,000 from Iraqi

School Children CHEER As Obama Legacy Literally Trashed

Guess What Fake News Media Took Money from the RUSSIANS?! [VIDEO]

Leftist JUBILANT: President Trump FIRES 6 Staffers

CNN Anchor Walks Off Set After Accused of Fake News

Day Without Immigrants BACKFIRES on These Hispanic Workers

Black Trump Supporter BLASTS Democrats on Sanctuary Cities [VIDEO]

Milo Yiannopoulos TORCHES Leftist on Bill Maher: Told To “Go F Yourself”

CNN CHIEF BOASTS: Anti-Trump News “Boosting Morale”

#MediaLiesAgain: AP National Guard report refuels fake news debate

Jake Tapper MELTDOWN After President Trump’s Presser [VIDEO]

CONUNDRUM: When Prominent Black Democrat Is ENDORSED by Klansman

FINALLY: San Francisco Sheriff’s Department SUED Over Sanctuary City

CNN BANNED: Fake News Outlet KICKED OUT of Venezuela

Black Comedian “Jokes” About Assassination of Trump

DEMENTED: Leftist Still Hopeful for ASSASSINATION of President Trump (VIDEO)

Watch Drivers MOW DOWN Trump Protesters (video)

SHOCKING: NY Times Had Same Story BACKWARDS Then Changed Narrative

VIDEO: Fake News CNN Pulls the RACE CARD on Itself!

INCREDIBLE: Republican Needs POLICE ESCORT because of Angry Leftist Mob (VIDEO)

Caught Faking News AGAIN! CNN Uses False Photo You Have to See to Believe

White Leftist Protesters Attack A Black “White Supremacist” Reporter (video)

San Diego: Muslim INDOCTRINATION on Steroids in Public Schools

Social Media Giant Raises MILLIONS to Sue Trump

Asst Attorney General Tweets F*CK DONALD TRUMP

REPORT: Number of Trump DEATH THREATS on Twitter Are Mind-Blowing

BREAKING: Federal Judge BLOCKS President Trump’s Travel Order for Muslims

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