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Obama Brags About Failed Legacy

Sharpton Race Hustling Again

Earth Day and Racist Leftists Who Founded It

Vision Zero: Liberalism Aptly Named

Racial Profiling for Dummies

Hillary and Bill de Blasio: Racist blunder?

NY Governor: Ban Conservatives

Left Says Trump Strategy to Make America Great Will Ruin America

Attacked Because She Was White

Hey Leftists: This Is Why We NEED Cops

Elizabeth Warren’s War on Hillary Clinton

More Immunity: Indictment of Hillary Clinton Getting Closer?

Guy Looking For Fight Gets It

Obama: So What Brussels Was Attacked

Funniest Graphical Memes of the Week – 12

Bernie Sanders’ Millennial Idiots!

Kevin Jackson Speaks on FOX News About Chicago Protest of Trump

Clock Ticking for Hillary Clinton

Funniest Graphical Memes of the Week – 11

Is Keith Olbermann using Trump for Publicity?

Guess What’s Coming to Obamacare?

Fight Breaks Out at Black Gospel Radio Station

The Presidential Endorsement That Must SHOCK the LGBT Community

3 People Stabbed at Democrat Fundraiser

Something to Offend Everyone on the Left

How is Michigan Shooting Spree Uber’s Fault?

The Art of the Deal: Donald Trump’s Donation History

Hillary Clinton Has Coughing Fit During Campaign Speech

Bernie Sanders the Deadbeat

Attacked By the Intolerant Left

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