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Obama Vetoes Bill To Limit Benefits for Presidents

Pelosi: Uneducated White Males Are Sexist and Homophobic

Democrats Killed Another Cop

Democrat Convention: Where Killing Cops is Condoned

DNC Leak: How Democrats REALLY Feel About Latinos

Hillary Supporters : Voter Shenanigans

2016 Olympics Still An Embarrassment to Obama

Remember Laquan McDonald: Shot Dead by Police in Chicago?

Gov’t Puts Ankle Bracelet on Prosthetic Leg of Criminal?

American Liberal: Decades of Torture

NAACP Leader says Dallas Shooter Was Defenseless

Former CIA Director Pardon Tied to Comey

Hillary Clinton Is A Genitalian and Leads the Vagina Party

Race-Pimp Deray Lands Fat 6-Figure Job

Democrat Union Boss Taking Kickbacks?

Hillary Clinton: Dumber Than a Teleprompter

Obama: Father of 65 Million

Why Stupid People Get Shot By Cops

Students Demand Sanctuary College Campus for Illegals

Obama the Hypocrite Stopped Muslim Refugees in 2011

Email Scandal: Interesting Polling for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s BIG Twitter Backfire!

Cuba: Where Democrats Go to Learn Democracy

DEVELOPING: Mexican Judge in Trump U Case IS a Racist

Hillary Clinton is About to Have Her Worst Week EVER!

These “Tolerant” Liberals Should Be Jailed

War Criminal at TSA: So What Say Liberals

Bernie or Bust: Hillary Clinton Desperation Like Toilet Paper on a Shoe

Has-Been Olbermann Comments on Trump

There’s A Reason People Don’t Discuss Socialism

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