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A Few Rules for the Next GOP Speaker

Oregon Shooter Linked to ISIS?

NY Wants to Quarantine Street Performers

Bill Clinton Trying to Stay Out of Prison

When they stopped describing criminals

Leftist Media Tries Internet Sleight of Hand

Houston Woman Tweets TX Deputy Deserved Execution

Democrats Have Much More Serious Problems

Miley Cyrus Says She’s Pansexual

How Liberals Measure Success: Rehab or Jail

Clintons: How to Make Lots of Money Doing Nothing

$70,000 Minimum Wage Gone Very Wrong

Racist Congressman Finally Going to Jail

Rolling Stone Will Pay for This

Left Have New Derogatory Term for Conservatives

This black Democrat is a HUGE problem for Democrats

Obama: A Legacy He Won’t Brag About

Starbucks’ Token Gesture

San Francisco’s Crazy Illegal-Loving Sheriff

Guess What the Next Democrat Word to be Stricken Is

Bill Maher Credits Donald Trump with This?

Hillary Clinton: Yep…she’s blonde

Confederate Flag Alert: Hide your black people

Black Hate: Why Rachel Dolezal Went Black

Democrats Ponder: Who Can Hurt Black People Most

No Wonder Hillary Won’t Take Questions

Clinton Foundation Now Connected to FIFA Bribery Scandal!

State Department Says Obama Doesn’t Give Himself Enough Pats on the Back (VIDEO)

Uh-Oh For Sharpton’s Daughter!

Child rapist’s sentence reduced because 6-year-old victim is ‘gay’ 

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